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The Public Health Accreditation Team owes special gratitude to the tribal departments and key stakeholders who participated in numerous work sessions and meetings in order to create this Community Health Assessment (CHA). The completion of this CHA was due, in large measure, to the contributions of numerous individuals who gave their time, skill, support, knowledge and expertise.

To the current and past members of the Public Health Accreditation Team, your dedication, commitment, and extreme passion has guided the work of making a difference in the health of the community. Your continued work will aid in the direction of building a truly comprehensive health system for the wellbeing of community members within the region. We express gratitude to the Pascua Yaqui Tribe, its governing Council, and the Tribal Research Review Committee, as well as the Departments of Health, Dental, Education, Recreation, Social Services, Land Use, WIC, Centered Spirit, and Sewa U’usim, for their support and contributions. We also thank the support through grant funds and technical assistance by the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona (ITCA) and Red Star Innovations.

Public Health Accreditation Board

Main Line - (520) 879-6000
Alex Amarillas - Clinical Application Analyst: Ext. 6037
Christina Ore - QI Coordinator: Ext. 6008
Dr. Apryl Krause - Alternative Medicine Manager: Ext. 6128
Dr. Nancy Anderson - Review Specialist/Quality Manager: Ext. 5966
Feliciano Cruz Jr. - Program Coordinator (Injury Prevention): Ext. 6124
Jennie Mullins - Diabetes Program Manager: Ext. 6002
Linda Guerrero - Billing and Collection Supervisor: Ext. 6039
Morgan Egan-Murphy - Training Coordinator: Ext. 5964
Raquel Aviles - Associate Director of Health: Ext. 6057
Rene Harbaugh - Director of Nursing: Ext. 6110
Shanna Tautolo - Program Developer Manager: Ext. 6322
Yesenia Alvarez - Accreditation Project Assistant: Ext. 6384


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