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Kinship System of The Pascua Yaqui

Men and women use different titles to address their immediate family members. All women should address their male elders as "Hapchi" and women in general as "Maala". Men should address their male elders as "Achai" and their mothers as "Ae", women in general are addressed as "Maala".

Titles for Immediate Family
Male Kinship Titles:
    Older BrotherSai
    Younger BrotherSaila
    Older SisterAko
    Younger SisterWai
Female Kinship Titles:
    Older BrotherAvachi
    Younger BrotherWai
    Older SisterAko
    Younger SisterWai
Titles for Extended Family
Father's Family:
    Father's GrandmotherNamuli
    Father's GrandfatherHamuli
    Father's MotherHaaka
    Father's FatherHavoi
    Father's Older BrotherHaavi
    Father's Younger BrotherSamai
    Father's Older SisterNe'esa
    Father's Younger SisterNana
Mother's Family:
    Mother's GrandmotherNamuli
    Mother's GrandfatherHamuli
    Mother's MotherAsu
    Mother's FatherApa
    Mother's Older BrotherKumui
    Mother's Younger BrotherTaata
    Mother's Older SisterChi'ila
    Mother's Younger SisterMamai
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