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Men’s Path

Men’s Path offers inpatient, individual & group counseling, a 12 step program, prevention education, life skills, job training & case management.

CSP Men’s PATH provides 24/7 residential treatment services for Yaqui and other eligible persons with alcohol/substance addictions and other behavioral health issues. Our program provides the opportunity for individuals to begin their road to recovery. They learn about addictive behaviors, how to break these destructive patterns and begin their journey towards their spiritual self.

Eligibility Admission Criteria

  • Be an enrolled Yaqui Tribal member or spouse/family of an enrolled Tribal member
  • Be an enrolled member of another Federally Recognized Tribe. (If not AHCCCS eligible, that Tribe must assume the cost of treatment)
  • Be AHCCCS approved
  • Be 19 years of age or older
  • Have photo identification
  • Be able and willing to apply for Food Benefits
  • Provide a Medical Clearance Form
  • Provide TB test results completed 30 days prior to anticipated date to admission
  • Provide a toxicology UA/blood/breathalyzer result, completed the anticipated date of admission
  • Provide a list of any medications prescribed; if possible bring a 30 to 90 day supply
  • Be willing and able to consent to/accept treatment
  • Be in need of voluntarily requesting treatment
  • Be willing to commit to a minimum of 90 days

Treatment Approach

The treatment model is based on…

  • Harm Reduction philosophy using the 12 steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and Native America aspects of Healing.
  • Clients experience actual 12-step work combined with Spiritual/Cultural connections by participation in group and individual therapy, life-skills, anger management, sweat lodge and other traditions.
  • Community service, case management and other services to assist them in discovering who they truly are, beyond their addiction.

7402 S. Camino Vahcom
Tucson AZ 85757
Phone: (520) 879-5855 | Fax: (520) 879-5999
After Hours Crisis Line: (520) 591-7206

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