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The Mission of the Housing Division is: To endeavor to provide every enrolled member of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe the opportunity of an affordable, decent, healthy, and safe home and surrounding neighborhood in order to enhance the economic stability of the Tribe and its members. The Housing Department’s main priority is providing service to Yaqui members in the traditional communities of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe of Arizona including, but not limited to, Guadalupe, Old Pascua, Barrio Libre, Yoem Pueblo, Hightown, Coolidge, and the Reservation at New Pascua. The involvement of those communities and all tribal members is seen as key to the success of the Housing Department’s mission.


The Purpose of the Housing Division is:

A)    Create an organization with the financial capacity, facilities, structure, information base, and vision to develop and deliver a variety of housing programs designed to meet the needs of the Tribe in the most efficient manner possible.

B)    Continue to expand low-income units for low-income families within the Pascua Yaqui Tribal Service areas.

C)    Renovating existing homes including residencies in the entire service area when suitable and replacing homes through new construction and acquisition on those instances where is not economically feasible.

D)   Develop programs designed to increase the Housing stock.

E)     Encourage homeownership through conventional financing with or without Tribal assistance with maximum financial participation by the homebuyer. This will include educational requirements in homeownership, homeowners will take greater responsibility for maintenance of the home, finances, and buying and selling the residence.

F)     Explore activities to focus specifically on the prevention of drug abuse, deterrence, and effective punishment.

G)   Specifically address the housing needs of our elders.

H)   Foster resident involvement, including making every effort to encourage active resident organizations in all traditional communities of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe of Arizona.



Kieth Gregory


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Deputy Director

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Raul Sereno

Construction Manager

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Rolando Jaimez

Contracting Officer

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Sandra Estrella

Labor Compliance Officer

(520) 879-5912

Erin Pazos

Grant Administrator

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Gloria Rivera

Grant Administrator

(520) 879-5991

Kriza Soto

Administrative Assistant

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Victoria Duarte

File Clerk

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Resident Services Specialist

Rosa Valenzuela

Resident Services Specialist

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Ann Garcia

Resident Services Specialist

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Rachel Tarango

Resident Services Specialist

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Compliance Officers

Rosie Hickman

Compliance Officer

(520) 879-5904

Luis Rodriguez

Compliance Officer

(520) 879-5913

Housing Maintenance


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Carmelo Estrella

Maintenance Manager

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Antonio Ochoa Jr.

Maintenance Supervisor

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Maria Alvarez

Data Entry/ File Clerk

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Rose Valenzuela

Administrative Assistant

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Armando Soto

Pest Control Tech.

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Ernesto Ochoa Jr.

Warehouse Supervisor

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Olivia Esquivias

Inventory Clerk

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