Yaqui Education Services

Note: Services are based on the availability of Tribal Funds. Further Program requirements may be requested. 

K-12 Program
Eligibility Requirements

  • Pascua Yaqui Tribal Member
  • Enrolled in a K-12th Grade School
  • Signed Release of Information Form

Program Services
Financial Assistance:

  • Academic Participation Fees
  • Sports & Extracurricular Fees
  • Credit Recovery Courses
  • Graduation Cap and Gown
  • Monthly Sun Tran Bus Passes (Tucson Area Only)
  • Special Request

Education and Advocacy:

  • Home/School Liaison
  • Truancy Intervention
  • In-School Staff

Student/Parent Services:

Higher Education Assistance Program

Eligibility Requirements

  • Pascua Yaqui Tribal Member
  • Admitted to Educational Institution
  • Pursuing a Progressive Degree
  • High School Diploma/GED

Program Services

  • Financial Assistance for the attainment of a progressive degree, beginning with an Associate’s Degree (AA)
  • Assistance with the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA)
  • Assistance with the external scholarship process
  • Recruitment and Outreach Services
  • Referral to College Resources









Tucson Office 
7474 S. Camino De Oeste
Tucson, AZ 85757
Phone: (520) 879-5706
Fax: (520) 883-5021 

Guadalupe Office 
Yaqui Education Services Center (YES)
9405 S. Avenida Del Yaqui 
Guadalupe, AZ 85283
Phone: (480) 768-2082
Fax: (480) 897-5499