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Constitution of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe
Tribal Codes

Ch 4-2 Athletic Commission



Section 10 Pascua Yaqui Athletic Commission; Appointment; Conflict of Interest;

Emergency Ringside Meetings 1

Section 20 Executive Director 2

Section 30 Removal of Pascua Yaqui Athletic Commission Members 4


Legislative History: Originally enacted on September 4, 2003 by Resolution No. C09-64-03 as Ordinance No. 7

Amended on December 1, 2003 by Resolution No. C12-105-03. Recodified on February 16, 2005 by Resolution No. C02-35-05. Recodified on August 9, 2006 by Resolution No. C08-313-06.

Amended on January 30, 2007 by Resolution No. C01-13-07 and Ordinance No. 02-07.

Amended on May 28, 2008 by Resolution No. C05-106-08 and Ordinance No. 13-08.

Amended on April 19, 2017 by Resolution No. C04-71-17 and Ordinance No. 07-17.

Amended on June 27, 2018 by Resolution No. C06-137-18 and Ordinance No. 14-18.

Section 10 Pascua Yaqui Athletic Commission; Appointment; Conflict of Interest; Emergency Ringside Meetings (2 PYTC § 4-2-10)

  1. There is hereby created the Pascua Yaqui Athletic Commission. The Commission shall regulate boxing, kickboxing, and martial arts events and contests on the Reservation unless the Commission is regulating an event on behalf of another tribal entity.
    1. In the event that the Commission regulates a boxing or MMA event on behalf of another tribal entity, the pre-fight examination and weigh-in will take place within the boundaries of the respective tribal entity’s reservation.
  2. The Commission shall consist of three members and shall be nominated by the Chairman and appointed by the Tribal Council of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe for terms not to exceed three years, except that each commission member who is not removed or does not resign shall continue to hold office until his successor is appointed; provided that each commissioner: provided that each commissioner:
    1. Shall be an enrolled member of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe;
    2. Shall be at least 25 years of age; and
    3. Shall not be an elected official or employee of the Tribe or hold a policy making position with the Tribe.
    4. Shall not have been convicted in any federal or state court of a felony, or of any crime involving deceit, fraud or misappropriation of funds, unless, in the event of a felony conviction, his or her voting rights have been legally restored, or unless the criminal conviction has been expunged.
  3. Two members of the Commission constitute a quorum for conducting business. A concurrence of two members is necessary to render a decision by the Commission.
  4. A commissioner shall not during his term of office promote, sponsor or have any financial interest in a boxer, a boxing contest, or in the premises leased for a boxing contest.
  5. Compensation for Commissioners shall be set at $50.00 for each day on which he or she is conducting official business of the Commission, not to exceed 100 days per calendar year. Commissioners shall receive compensation in the amount of $250.00 for each sanctioned boxing event attended, which shall be in lieu of the standard compensation of $50.00 per day for official business. Commissioners shall also be reimbursed for reasonable per diem and travel expenses.
  6. At the request of the Commission, the Chairman may provide, through administrative process, an individual to serve as support staff to the Commission. Such position shall be funded directly by the Commission from the budget established pursuant to 8 PYTC § 6-6-40(C). Such individual shall:
    1. Be of good character and not have been convicted of any felony or boxing-related offense; and
    2. Not be engaged in any other profession or occupation that could present a conflict of interest with the duties of director of the office.
  7. Members of the Commission shall enjoy immunity from suit, at the discretion of the Tribal Council, for any actions taken by the Commissioners, either individually or as the Commission, provided that such actions are within the scope of the authority of the Commission pursuant to this chapter.
  8. There shall be two alternate members of the Commission who shall serve only when called upon by at least two regular members of the Commission. Alternate members of the Commission shall be treated similarly as regular Commissioners under the laws of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe, and must meet the same qualifications and be appointed in the same manner as regular Commissioners.”

Section 20 Executive Director (2 PYTC § 4-2-20)

  1. The Chairman shall appoint an executive director of the commission with administrative experience and other qualifications indicating he is familiar with the activities to be regulated by this part. The executive director shall serve at the pleasure of the Chairman.
  2. The executive director shall supervise the administrative work of the commission. The executive director shall have the power and duty:
    1. To be responsible in contracting the judges, inspectors, referees, timekeeper, and doctors per event to ensure the sanctioning of any boxing and or MMA event
    2. To ensure that any contestant on a bout card are not serving suspension within Arizona or in another jurisdiction tribal or state
    3. To determine that a contestant is properly being matched with an equal opponent
    4. To ensure the Commission is in compliance with federal laws and the regulatory guidelines certified and published by the Association of Boxing Commission
    5. To administer and justify the Commission budget
    6. To organize periodic training programs for judges, referees, inspectors and other licensees who assist the Commission
    7. To establish and maintain standard operating procedures for Commission officials
    8. To prepare and recommend to the commission rules and regulations and amendments thereto regarding the matters regulated under this part.
    9. To inform Commission officials of any change to the Athletic Commission Rules and Regulations
    10. To implement and supervise a drug testing program of all athletes licensed under the Pascua Yaqui Tribal Code.
    11. To attend the meetings of the commission.
    12. To recommend to the commission suspension or revocation of any license or permit issued pursuant to this part for violations of any provisions of this part or the rules and regulations of the commission or when such action is necessary to protect the public welfare.
    13. To be responsible in reporting the official results to Fight Fax. Inc. or Mixed Martial Arts LLC. Registry, within 48 hours of the sanctioned event
    14. To handle and make final decisions of complaints filled by a contestants.
    15. To approve and or prohibit each proposed match of unarmed combatants based upon the following criteria of each fighter:
      1. Win/loss record
      2. Fighters’ current activity
      3. Fighters’ overall experience
      4. General health and safety
      5. Relating to suspension
      6. Relating to limitation on difference in weights
    16. To establish and maintain a record of all fighters licensed under the Pascua Yaqui Tribal Code, showing for each licensee all of the following:
      1. The date licensed
      2. The results of pre-fight and post-fight physicals.
      3. Any fictitious or assumed names by which the license competes.
      4. The number and dates of any suspensions of the licensee.
      5. The dates when the licensee is knocked out.
      6. The licensee’s record from other states.
    17. To administer and make effective the provisions of this part and the rules and regulations made under this part.
    18. To supervise collection of fees for all athletic events approved by the Pascua Yaqui Athletic Commission.”

Section 30 Removal of Pascua Yaqui Athletic Commission Members (2 PYTC § 4-2-20)

If a Commission member fails or refuses to fulfill the responsibilities and duties of a commission member, including attendance at Pascua Yaqui Athletic Commission sanctioned events and commission meetings, the Chairman, with the approval of the Tribal Council, may remove the commission member and replace the member in accordance with this chapter. The Commission shall then provide the commissioner so removed with a detailed written statement of the reasons for removal.”

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