Table of Contents

Constitution of the Pascua Yaqui TribeAmended in 2015
Click here to look at the draft of the updated criminal code.
The Office of the Prosecutor would like to invite you to watch this informative video about changes coming to the Tribal Criminal Code. Click here to access the video.
Title 1 - General Provision
  Ch 1-Codification Ordinance
  Ch 2-Definitions & Rules of Construction
  Ch 3-Enactment of Ordinance RESERVED
  Ch 4-Code Revisions
Title 2 - Government Administration
  Part I-Tribal Council
  Ch 1-2 Tribal Council Code of Ethics
  Ch 1-4 Oversight Commitee
  Ch 1-5 Budget Preparation
  Part II-Departments; Divisions
  Ch 2-1 Office of Attorney General
  Ch. 2-2 Economic and Community Development DivisionAmended
  Ch 2-3 Education
  Ch 2-4 Finance & Operations.RESERVED
  Ch 2-5 Health Services Division
  Ch 2-6 Housing Division
  Ch 2-7 Human Resources
  Ch 2-8 Police Division
  Ch 2-9 Enrollment
  Ch 2-10 Tribal Gaming Office
  Ch 2-11 Surveillance RESERVED
  Ch 2-12 Division of Audit Services
  Ch 2-13 Legal Services
  Ch 2-14 Land
  Ch 2-15 Public Defender
  Ch 2-16 Fire Department
  Ch 2-17 Office of The Prosecutor
  Ch 2-18 Social Services Department
  Ch 2-19 Facilities Management
  Ch 2-20 Information Technology
  Ch 2-21 Tribal Administrator
  Ch 2-22 Department of Language and Culture
  Ch 2-23 Office of Emergency Management
  Part III-Enterprises; Foundation
  Ch 3-1 Gaming Enterprise Division
  Ch 3-2 Tribal and Other Enterprises
  Part IV-Commissions; Boards
  Ch 4-2 Athletic Commission
  Ch 4-3 Board of Election Supervisors
  Ch 4-4 Language & Culture
  Part V-Government Accountability
  Ch 5-1 Fiscal Management
  Ch 5-2 Personnel RESERVED
  Ch 5-3 Code of Ethics RESERVED
  Ch 5-4 Public Records RESERVED
  Ch 5-5 Administrative Procedures RESERVED
  Ch 5-6 Grants and Contracts
  Part VI-Miscellaneous
  Ch 6-1 Membership
  Ch 6-2 Elections
  Ch 6-3 Personnel RESERVED
  Ch 6-4 Code of Ethics RESERVED
  Ch 6-5 Emergency Preparedness and Response
Title 3 - Courts & Rules of Court
  Part I-Courts
  Ch 1-1 Jurisdiction
  Ch 1-2 Organization of the Tribal Court
  Ch 1-3 Judges
  Ch 1-4 Court Staff
  Ch 1-5 Court Records
  Ch 1-6 Pretrial Services
  Part II-Rules of Court
  Ch 2-1 Rules of Civil Procedure
  Ch 2-2 Rules of Criminal Procedure
  Ch 2-3 Rules of Appellate Procedure
  Ch 2-4 Rules of Evidence
  Ch 2-5 Notice to Tribe
  Ch 2-6 Rules of Juvenile Court
  Ch 2-7 Electronic Filing in Court Of Appeals
  Part III-Judgments
  Ch 3-1 Declaratory Judgments; Equitable
  Ch 3-2 Foreign Judgments RESERVED
  Ch 3-3 Enforcement
Title 4 - Criminal Code
  Chapter 1-Offenses
  Chapter 2-Sentences
  Chapter 3-Domestic Violence
  Chapter 4-Vacant
  Chapter 5-Victims Rights
Title 5 - Civil Code
  Chapter 1-Civil Actions
  Chapter 2-Domestic Relations
  Chapter 3-Residential Landlord and Tenant
  Chapter 4-Probate
  Chapter 5-Elderly and Adult Probation
  Chapter 6-Guardianship
  Chapter 7-Juveniles
  Chapter 8-Exclusion and Removal
  Chapter 9-Mediation
Title 6 - Tribal Assistance Programs
  Part I-General Provisions
  Chapter 1-1 General Welfare Policy
  Part II-General Welfare Assistance
  Chapter 2-1 TANF
  Chapter 2-2 Coronavirus Relief Fund General Welfare Grant Program
  Part III-Housing Assistance
  Chapter 3-1 Housing Assistance Program 
  Part IV-Education Assistance
  Chapter 4-1 Language & Culture
  Chapter 4-2 Higher Education Assistance
Title 7 - Business and Commercial Code
  Chapter 1-General Provisions; Administration RESERVED
  Chapter 2-Corporations Code
  Chapter 3-Business Licenses
  Chapter 4-1 Transaction Privilege Tax
  Chapter 4-2 Tobacco Tax
  Chapter 5-Secure Transactions
  Chapter 6-Arbitration
  Chapter 7-Pascua Yaqui Tribe Innkeepers Ordinance
  Chapter 8-Pascua Yaqui Tribe Towing Ordinance
Title 8 - Regulatory Code
  Part I-General Provisions; Administration
  Ch 1-1 Definitions RESERVED
  Ch 1-2 Administration RESERVED
  Ch 1-3 Appeals RESERVED
  Part II-Gaming
  Ch 2-1 Gaming Ordinance
  Part III-Labor
  Ch 3-1 Employment
  Ch 3-2 Wages RESERVED
  Ch 3-3 Workers Compensation RESERVED
  Ch 3-4 Pascua Yaqui Preference Act
  Ch 3-5 Pascua Yaqui Right To Work Ordinance
  Part IV-Property
  Ch 4-1 Land
  Ch 4-2 Building & Construction
  Ch 4-3 Zoning RESERVED
  Ch 4-4 Public Parks
  Ch 4-5 Business Site Leasing
  Ch 4-6 Residential Leasing Ordinance
  Ch 4-7 Solar And Renewable Energy Leasing
  Part V-Public Health
  Ch 5-1 Environment RESERVED
  Ch 5-2 Health & Sanitation
  Ch 5-3 Public Health Code
  Part VI-Public Safety
  Ch 6-1 Animal Control
  Ch 6-2 Dances
  Ch 6-3 Fire Protection
  Ch 6-4 Motor Vehicles; Traffic
  Ch 6-5 Liquor Control Act
  Ch 6-6 Boxing
  Part VII-Research Protection
  Ch 7-1 Research Protection
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