Table of Contents

Constitution of the Pascua Yaqui TribeAmended in 2015
Title 1 - General Provision
  Ch 1-Codification Ordinance
  Ch 2-Definitions & Rules of Construction
  Ch 3-Enactment of Ordinance RESERVED
  Ch 4-Code Revisions
Title 2 - Government Administration
  Part I-Tribal Council
  Ch 1-2 Tribal Council Code of Ethics
  Ch 1-4 Oversight Commitee
  Ch 1-5 Budget Preparation
  Part II-Departments; Divisions
  Ch 2-1 Office of Attorney General
  Ch. 2-2 Economic and Community Development Division
  Ch 2-3 Education
  Ch 2-4 Finance & Operations.RESERVED
  Ch 2-5 Health Services Division
  Ch 2-6 Housing Division
  Ch 2-7 Human Resources
  Ch 2-8 Police Division
  Ch 2-9 EnrollmentAmended
  Ch 2-10 Tribal Gaming Office
  Ch 2-11 Surveillance RESERVED
  Ch 2-12 Division of Audit Services
  Ch 2-13 Legal Services
  Ch 2-14 Land
  Ch 2-15 Public Defender
  Ch 2-16 Fire Department
  Ch 2-17 Office of The Prosecutor
  Ch 2-18 Social Services Department
  Ch 2-19 Facilities Management
  Ch 2-20 Information Technology
  Ch 2-21 Tribal Administrator
  Ch 2-22 Department of Language and Culture
  Part III-Enterprises; Foundation
  Ch 3-1 Gaming Enterprise Division
  Ch 3-2 Tribal and Other Enterprises
  Part IV-Commissions; Boards
  Ch 4-2 Athletic Commission
  Ch 4-3 Board of Election Supervisors
  Ch 4-4 Language & Culture
  Part V-Government Accountability
  Ch 5-1 Fiscal Management
  Ch 5-2 Personnel RESERVED
  Ch 5-3 Code of Ethics RESERVED
  Ch 5-4 Public Records RESERVED
  Ch 5-5 Administrative Procedures RESERVED
  Ch 5-6 Grants and Contracts
  Part VI-Miscellaneous
  Ch 6-1 Membership
  Ch 6-2 Elections
  Ch 6-3 Personnel RESERVED
  Ch 6-4 Code of Ethics RESERVED
Title 3 - Courts & Rules of Court
  Part I-Courts
  Ch 1-1 Jurisdiction
  Ch 1-2 Organization of the Tribal Court
  Ch 1-3 Judges
  Ch 1-4 Court Staff
  Ch 1-5 Court Records
  Ch 1-6 Pretrial Services
  Part II-Rules of Court
  Ch 2-1 Rules of Civil Procedure
  Ch 2-2 Rules of Criminal Procedure
  Ch 2-3 Rules of Appellate Procedure
  Ch 2-4 Rules of Evidence
  Ch 2-5 Notice to Tribe
  Ch 2-6 Rules of Juvenile Court
  Ch 2-7 Electronic Filing in Court Of Appeals
  Part III-Judgments
  Ch 3-1 Declaratory Judgments; Equitable
  Ch 3-2 Foreign Judgments RESERVED
  Ch 3-3 Enforcement
Title 4 - Criminal Code
  Chapter 1-Offenses
  Chapter 2-Sex Offenses
  Chapter 3-Domestic Violence
  Chapter 4-Sentences
  Chapter 5-Victims Rights
Title 5 - Civil Code
  Chapter 1-Civil Actions
  Chapter 2-Domestic Relations
  Chapter 3-Residential Landlord and Tenant
  Chapter 4-Probate
  Chapter 5-Elderly and Adult Probation
  Chapter 6-Guardianship
  Chapter 7-Juveniles
  Chapter 8-Exclusion and Removal
  Chapter 9-Mediation
Title 6 - Tribal Assistance Programs
  Part I-General Provisions
  Chapter 1-1 General Welfare Policy
  Part II-General Welfare Assistance
  Chapter 2-1 TANF
  Chapter 2-2 Coronavirus Relief Fund General Welfare Grant ProgramAmended
  Part III-Housing Assistance
  Chapter 3-1 Housing Assistance Program Amended
  Part IV-Education Assistance
  Chapter 4-1 Language & Culture
  Chapter 4-2 Higher Education AssistanceAmended
Title 7 - Business and Commercial Code
  Chapter 1-General Provisions; Administration RESERVED
  Chapter 2-Corporations Code
  Chapter 3-Business Licenses
  Chapter 4-1 Transaction Privilege Tax
  Chapter 4-2 Tobacco Tax
  Chapter 5-Secure Transactions
  Chapter 6-Arbitration
  Chapter 7-Pascua Yaqui Tribe Innkeepers Ordinance
  Chapter 8-Pascua Yaqui Tribe Towing Ordinance
Title 8 - Regulatory Code
  Part I-General Provisions; Administration
  Ch 1-1 Definitions RESERVED
  Ch 1-2 Administration RESERVED
  Ch 1-3 Appeals RESERVED
  Part II-Gaming
  Ch 2-1 Gaming Ordinance
  Part III-Labor
  Ch 3-1 Employment
  Ch 3-2 Wages RESERVED
  Ch 3-3 Workers Compensation RESERVED
  Ch 3-4 Pascua Yaqui Preference Act
  Ch 3-5 Pascua Yaqui Right To Work Ordinance
  Part IV-Property
  Ch 4-1 Land
  Ch 4-2 Building & Construction
  Ch 4-3 Zoning RESERVED
  Ch 4-4 Public ParksNew
  Part V-Public Health
  Ch 5-1 Environment RESERVED
  Ch 5-2 Health & Sanitation
  Ch 5-3 Public Health Code
  Part VI-Public Safety
  Ch 6-1 Animal Control
  Ch 6-2 Dances
  Ch 6-3 Fire Protection
  Ch 6-4 Motor Vehicles; Traffic
  Ch 6-5 Liquor Control Act
  Ch 6-6 Boxing
  Part VII-Research Protection
  Ch 7-1 Research Protection
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