Grants Department

The Grants Department assists other Tribal departments, managers, and staff in securing grant funding for various Tribal programs and services. Grant staff provide technical assistance and proposal development for specific grants or departments, with duties such as identifying, preparing, submitting, and administering grants. As part of the special trust relationship between Native American Tribes and the Federal Government, a significant amount of funding is made available to tribes through various grants. While some grant monies are allocated based on the size of tribal membership, many grant opportunities are competitive and require timely submission of applications to be considered for funding.


  • Research Potential Funding Sources
  • Application & Submission
  • Grants Administration
  • Award Monitoring & Reporting
  • Grant Writing
  • Renewals
  • Grant Extensions

Develop a comprehensive and organized system for grant administration that serves the tribal governments by managing and maintaining current funding effectively, as well as helping with the acquisition and expansion of future funding sources.

The Grants Office has created a database to track all grants submitted, awarded, and denied. Along with monitoring program reporting and budgeting revisions. The departments policies and procedures for grants management also has been updated to reflect current administration requirements.

Staff Includes:
Kim Rathman, Ph.D. – Director of Grant and Contracts
Vacant- Grant Manager
Veronica Gastello- Grants Specialist III
Adriana Hernandez- Grants Specialist I
Teresita Gomez- Grants Specialist I
Vacant – Grant Writer I

Grants Department
Located in Housing Department