Cultural Participant Program

A Cultural Participant Identification Card will be available to qualifying Yaqui Cultural Participants identified by the authorized Captains of the Tribe’s recognized Yaqui communities; and who by way of acknowledgment and/or source documents can establish his or her identity, citizenship of Mexico, role and purpose in the tribe’s cultural ceremonies.

The Pascua Yaqui Tribe Enrollment Department will ensure proper training and physical security standards are in place to prevent unauthorized access to areas where a Cultural Participant ID Card will be produced or issued. The area and ID system that will produce the Cards will be secure from unauthorized access during all hours. Prior notice and acceptable proof of identity will be required for visitors to this area. The Enrollment Department will maintain full accountability for all materials related to card production, including usage and destruction. Standards are to be in place for the overall security of materials used in production, and for the loss or theft of blank documents/materials. All blank document materials will be held in a separate secure repository with controlled access. A physical inventory of all production materials will be conducted on a monthly basis. Standards are followed to maintain computer security and access control, with audit trails in place to verify compliance.

The Enrollment Department is responsible in the administration of the Tribe’s Cultural Participant Program that encompasses 1) Tribal Administrative Requests outside of the cultural ceremonies, and 2) the Cultural Participant ID Card (“CPC”), 3) Parolee Letters, 4) Tribal Letters of Support  and 5) VISA applications; and to provide procedures to secure blank cards, production equipment and identify authorized personnel. To apply the Tribe’s eligibility criteria to facilitate on behalf of the Tribe and its participants’ border-crossing activities.

For further information contact the Enrollment Department at (520) 879.6242.

Production and Issuance Standard Operating Procedures
Cultural Participant Card Resolution