Genealogy Research: How Does The Enrollment Process Work?

The Enrollment Department and when necessary the Enrollment Screening Committee, shall review and process applications for enrollment applying the Tribe’s membership criteria and documentation requirements. Applications are reviewed by application date, family groups, and eligibility category. The burden of proof lies solely on the applicant; which means the applicant must provide the Enrollment Department with sufficient and satisfactory information, documents, and records to prove Pascua Yaqui ancestry – a Yaqui blood relation to an enrolled member. 

The Enrollment Department shall perform extensive research of the applicant’s family history based on the information provided in the application, and documentation and records provided. Such information then crossed referenced to the Pascua Yaqui Membership Roll, to verify the Yaqui blood family relationship(s). When the Enrollment Department determines that an application is incomplete or additional information is required to complete the application process, the Enrollment Department shall send a cover letter to the applicant detailing what is required in order to complete the application process. If no response is received within thirty (30) calendar days, the application shall be declared inactive and administratively closed. An application may be re-activated upon receipt of the information and/or documents requested, within one (1) year of the original request and upon a determination by the Enrollment Department that the application is complete and can be processed. Applications that are administratively closed will be archived for one (1) year and discarded in accordance with the Enrollment Department’s retention policy. 

Upon the complete review and research of your application, the Enrollment Department will notify you on the outcome by way of mail (certified return receipt), and a recommendation of approval or rejection will be made to the Pascua Yaqui Tribal Council where then you will be notified by certified mail return receipt.

For questions contact the Enrollment Department at (520) 879-6242.