Tribal Veteran Program

The Enrollment Department is tasked with data collection and reporting on all tribally enrolled veterans. The department gathers and verifies tribal veteran information, dealing directly with the member or their next of kin by making available a PYT Tribal Registration Veteran Form to be accompanied by their DD 214 document. The data currently being collected and maintained is the

  • Tribal Member’s Name, DOB, DOD, and Tribal Enrollment No.
  • Address and Next of Kin Information
  • Branch of Service(s), History and Duration of Service(s) and Ranking
  • Type of Discharge and Service Status
  • Campaign(s) and Award(s)

On a quarterly basis and when necessary the department provides updated Veteran Reports to the Tribe for purposes of acknowledgment, services, and benefits.

For assistance in obtaining your DD214 from the Department of Veterans Affairs please contact Carmen Rivera at (520)879-5148. Email at carmen.rivera@pascuayaqui-nsn.gov

For questions or assistance on how to register please contact the Enrollment Department at (520) 879-6242.