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Sewa U’usim

Philosophy – The philosophy of Sewa U’usim is grounded on the principles of providing a comprehensive array of quality care tailored to the diverse needs, individual preferences, cultural uniqueness, spirituality, and strengths of the Hiaki child and family. We promote services that are youth-guided and family-driven in order to empower families and celebrate their independence.

Mission Statement – It is the vision of the Sewa U’usim Team to provide an innovative community treatment program for children with “heart loss, thought loss,” (behavioral challenges) in need of guidance to good balance. By utilizing a wraparound approach, the team provides an individualized, confidential and comprehensive system of care to families within their homes, schools and communities. Families’ voices are heard to guide the support services that build on the unique strengths of each child and each family.

What is Sewa U’usim Systems of Care? – Sewa U’usim Systems of Care is a partnership made up of service providers (traditional and non-traditional), families, community members, and simply people that care about your child that come together to provide the guidance your family may need to transition to good balance. Together, your team develops an individualized care plan that builds on the unique strengths of each child and each family. This customized care plan is developed around the principles of being youth-guided, family-driven, strength-based, community based, and embraces the family’s culture and language.

What is a Wraparound? – The wraparound process is a commitment to bring together the services you choose to create a care team that provides care, support and respect of your family’s values, preferences, strengths, and culture. Youth and their families have the right to advocate and participate in all levels of planning and creating a care plan unique to their family. Youth and families’ voices are heard, understanding that the sense of belonging is essential, and therefore empowering them to take steps towards reaching a good balance. How is Sewa U’usim different? – Sewa U’usim is a program that includes a mixture of youth and family’s chosen formal supports (like counseling) and natural supports (like your best friend, elder, healer, or neighbor). Participating youth and families work with a team that focuses on their strengths, builds upon what works for them, and includes the cultural aspects of each youth and their families (religious ceremonies, native language, and customs included). Sewa U’usim promotes the belief that youth are “Our Hope, Our light, Our Future”, so their well-being is the priority of the Pascua Yaqui community. If you or someone you know would like to learn more about referring a family to Sewa U’usim Systems of Care, please contact us for more information or applications at (520) 879-6181.