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Health Budget Office

Who we are:

The Health Budget Office is the centralized area within the Health Department to which all requests that involve an expense are submitted. Effective 10/1/17 Health Programs must submit requests via E-Req online. This is all very recent and we are all getting adjusted to this new change. All daily submissions are forwarded to the Executive Director or the Associate Director via electronic e-mail and once approved they are immediately forwarded to Finance for final approval. The process is giving us awesome turnaround time on all our requests. We are all very excited!

HBO Team Members:

Diana Casian – Senior Business Manager: (520) 879-6027
MaryLou Armenta – Health Business Specialist: (520) 879-6064
Melinda Leyva – Health Business Specialist: (520) 879-6054
Michelle Hernandez – Senior Business Specialist: (520) 879-6031