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Yoeme Managed Care Program

The Yoeme Health Program (YHP) is not an insurance plan or entitlement program and does not guarantee payment for services provided. The Program assists eligible tribal members residing in Pima County with health care services. In order to be eligible you must first apply for alternate resources such as AHCCCS, Medicare and/or Private Insurance. The Yoeme Health Program is a federally funded program that offers Purchase Referred Care (PRC) for eligible participants through the use of limited funds provided by the local IHS Area office. The program provides patient advocacy and assistance to apply for various health programs.

Patient Advocacy services may include helping tribal members to apply for AHCCCS, Medicare, or finding other coverage to meet patients’ health care needs. The Program Patient Advocate/Benefits Coordinators will also help if you receive medical bills or denial letters.

The Yoeme Health Program covers most health care needs for eligible Tribal members living in Pima County. Basic services are provided at the El Rio clinics listed in the front of this handbook. Don’t wait until you are ill to enroll in the Yoeme Health Program. Apply now to ensure that you and your family can get health services when needed. Please check your member handbook for a full listing of covered and non-covered benefits. Please be aware that these services are based on available funding.

Types of services that may be available are:

  1. El Rio Clinic office visits and specialist visits when authorized by your El Rio doctor.
  2. Complete pregnancy care before, during and after delivery as well as newborn/neonatal care.
  3. Hospital care.
  4. Pharmacy.
  5. Medical supplies and equipment when medically necessary.

In addition, preventive services are provided to keep you and your family healthy. The following are some of the services available that you should discuss with your El Rio doctor:

  1. Immunizations
  2. Mammograms
  3. PAP Smears
  4. Pneumonia and Flu Shots
  5. Prostate Exams
  6. Screening for Diabetes
  7. TB Skin Test


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