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Guadalupe Services

Guadalupe CSP provides similar services as the Tucson area except they are stationed in Guadalupe and provide services to PYT Tribal Members and their families in the Phoenix areas. Guadalupe outpatient clinic is off the reservation and therefore we are required to follow the Bureau of Medical Facility Licensing regulations. Both Adult and Child/Family services are provided and are open to enrolled Pascua Yaqui members and their immediate family.

Guadalupe Program Highlights:

  • Utilize social media platforms to promote youth, adult, and family programming.
  • Reinforce partnerships and contacts to plan community events and programs
  • Facilitate culturally appropriate and community relevant prevention, treatment, and aftercare.
  • Promote positive youth development and family engagement through cultural awareness.
  • Establish virtual and telehealth formats in place of in-person program services
  • By integrating cultural and traditional practices into program services, the activities promote a positive self-concept and enhance self-esteem which fosters resilience and reinforces cultural protective factors promoting cultural pride, confidence, and self-identity.
Centered Spirit Counseling:

Behavioral Health Services: We are here to help

  • Individual and family counseling
  • Culturally-based life skills groups for youth and adults
  • Case management
  • Crisis assessment during business hours
    • Crisis assessment after hours is received by EMPACT
  • Domestic Violence counseling that satisfies legal requirements for all state and Tribal court orders, diversion programs, probation, and Department of Child Safety case plans.
  • Psychiatric Services: psychotropic medications (ie anti-depressants, ADHD medications) for adults and youth
  • LPN: Nursing assessment, medication refills, med boxes
  • Methadone or Suboxone services – not available on site. We coordinate with local agencies who provide these services.
Frequently Asked Questions:
Who is eligible for Centered Spirit Behavioral Health Services?
  • Pascua Yaqui members of any age
  • Non-enrolled spouses or domestic partners of PYT members
  • Non-enrolled children of PYT members up to age 18
How do I make a counseling appointment for an adult?
  • Any adult may call for an appointment at 480-768-2000 or 480-768-2024.
  • Adults age 18 and over are expected to make their own appointments unless the person has a disability that prevents a phone call or if the person has a guardian.
  • Upon calling, staff will ask for basic information such as name, address, date of birth and reasons for the appointment (so that we know which counselor should be assigned for an intake)
  • Insurance is not necessary but we request that uninsured people apply for AHCCCS
  • Centered Spirit tries our best to schedule appointments within one week of your call.
How do I make a counseling appointment for a child?
  • Any parent or guardian may call for an appointment at 480-768-2000 or 480-768-2024.
  • Upon calling, staff will ask for basic information such as name, address, date of birth and reasons for the appointment (so that we know which counselor should be assigned for an intake)
  • If a child’s parents are no longer together, we request a copy of any court documents about shared parenting time
    • If both parents have shared decision-making authority for medical and behavioral health care, both parents will be asked to provide consent for counseling services
  • Insurance is not necessary but we request that parents apply for AHCCCS for uninsured children
  • Centered Spirit tries our best to schedule appointments within one week of your call.
  • Centered Spirit does not provide evaluations to determine custody or parenting time
  • Centered Spirit is unable to provide evaluations for learning disabilities
What if a person is threatening harm to themselves or others?
  • Always contact 911 if you feel unsafe.
  • During business hours, any person in crisis may call our office at 480-768-2000 and, as soon as a counselor is available, they will be able to talk to someone.
  • If the crisis occurs after hours, please call our EMPACT crisis line at 480-736-4943
  • A petition can be filed to request an evaluation of a person who is making threats to harm themselves or others. A petition is a legal process and will be reviewed by a Judge.  The evaluation will be conducted in a psychiatric facility.
  • Please contact our staff for further information about how to file a petition.  
How am I able to obtain mentoring or respite (weekend overnight) services for my child?
  • The child must be currently enrolled with AHCCCS.
  • The child will need a comprehensive assessment at Centered Spirit, which involves input from the parents/guardian, child and other important people, such as grandparents or teachers.
  • If the assessment concludes that the child meets “medical necessity” for the services, then a referral may be made for mentoring or respite.
  • “Medical necessity” means that the child has behavioral health conditions that will be improved by participating in counseling and other behavioral health services, which may include mentoring or respite
  • AHCCCS sets limits on the number of respite hours that can be used in a calendar year and some AHCCCS plans do not approve respite services.
What if an adult needs substance abuse rehab?
  • The person seeking help must be willing to participate in a rehab program
  • The person needs current AHCCCS coverage or another private insurance that will pay for rehab services.
  • A comprehensive assessment will be done at Centered Spirit to determine if rehab is recommended.
  • If rehab is recommended, Centered Spirit will make referrals to appropriate facilities
  • Sometimes, detox will be needed before entering rehab.
  • Most rehabs require TB tests. A TB test needs to be read by a medical professional 72 hours after the injection and this requires that it be scheduled early in the week.
  • Some rehabs require interviews to determine if the person is appropriate for admission.
  • Most rehabs require current COVID tests.
  • Sometimes rehabs have wait lists of up to several weeks.
  • A rehab may decline to admit a person if they do not meet admission criteria or if they are not willing to participate in the program.
Methamphetamine/ Suicide Prevention Initiative (MSPI):

Pascua Yaqui Tribe Meth/Suicide prevention, treatment, & aftercare initiative in Guadalupe, AZ. Funded via Indian Health Services MSPI grant purpose area 3.

  • Identify & address meth use among Pascua Yaqui population in Guadalupe/surrounding PY communities
  • Apply culturally appropriate & community relevant prevention, treatment & aftercare
  • Increase quantity of providers
  • Increase community education via MSPI training
  • Increase provider and community education on suicide and methamphetamine use by offering appropriate trainings
  • Promote positive AI/AN youth development & family engagement through the implementation of early intervention strategies to reduce risk factors for suicidal behavior and substance abuse

The Methamphetamine and Suicide Prevention Initiative (MSPI) is a nationally-coordinated program focusing on providing much-needed methamphetamine and suicide prevention and intervention resources for Indian Country. This initiative promotes the use and development of evidence-based and practice-based models that represent culturally-appropriate prevention and treatment approaches to methamphetamine abuse and suicide prevention from a community-driven context.

Read more about the Methamphetamine/ Suicide Prevention Initiative (MSPI) here.

Guadalupe Prevention Program (GPP)

The GPP is a federally funded substance abuse prevention block grant from SAMHSA through AHCCCS. This program provides services for the entire community of Guadalupe regardless of Tribal enrollment status. Some of the programs are as follows:

  • Lutu’uria Youth Group: The Lutu’uria Youth Group is comprised of youth community members from 5th grade through High School. Any Guadalupe youth is welcome to participate.  The group partners with programs throughout the community to plan events and opportunities for substance abuse education and prevention. 
  • Women’s TEA (annual event held near Mother’s Day)
  • Allere Campo youth summer camp (annual event held in July)
  • Facilitation of ASIST Suicide Prevention Training
The Guadalupe Community Partnership (GCP)

The Guadalupe Community Partnership (GCP) is a coalition of programs, service providers, and local leadership whose mission is to provide services and information to the Guadalupe community that will promote healthy lifestyles and reduce risk factors through community engagement, education, and awareness. The GCP collaborates on events such as the following:

  • Dia del Nino: annual community event in April that honors children
  • Dia de San Juan: annual community event in June commemorating St. John the Baptist and the symbolism of the purity of water used in baptism
  • Spooktacular/Red & Purple Ribbon event: annual community event in October to celebrate Halloween, recognize the challenges of domestic violence within families, and to honor substance abuse recovery.

The GCP is an active partner in the following:

  • Sewa Tonteme (Blossoming Flower) Community Center: a Tribally owned facility located on the north side of Guadalupe and which provides programs and services for the families of Guadalupe.
  • Semalulukut (Hummingbird) Community Garden: open to all community members who are interested in learning about sustainable and traditional gardening.

Call the Crisis Lines

For immediate help with:

  • Thoughts of suicide
  • Thoughts of harming someone
  • Fear, anxiety, and uncertainty
  • Personal distress
  • Feeling depressed, sad, or hopeless
  • Family violence, physical or sexual abuse
  • Drug or alcohol problems
  • Concerns about a friend or loved one
  • Grief of loss

During Business hours (8:00 am to 5:00 pm)

Tucson – (520) 879-6060
Guadalupe – (480) 768-2000

After Business hours & Weekends

Tucson – (520) 591-7206
Guadalupe – (480) 736-4943

For behavioral health referrals or other assistance call

Tucson – (520) 879-6060
Guadalupe – (480) 768-2000

Centered Spirit Guadalupe Program
9405 S. Avenida Del Yaqui
Guadalupe, AZ 85283
Phone: (480) 768-2000 | Fax: (480) 768-2053
After Hours Crisis Line: (480) 736-4943