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PYT Community

Hiapsi Kuakte

Changing the culture of violence in our homes, streets, and country through groups, individual sessions, workshops, and training.

The Program

Our program provides an educational process for court mandated individuals (Men, Women, and Youth). Each facilitator conducts group(s) within a community or program and provides a personal philosophical framework to support an individual’s process of change toward nonviolence. This program is based on the Duluth Domestic Abuse Intervention Project model with some cultural components added.

Group Session

1. Identifies domestic violence as a means of asserting power and control over another individual

2. Encourages participants to become accountable, helps them to acknowledge responsibility for abuse, and take specific steps to change

3. Increases the participant’s understanding of the causes of his/her violence by examining the cultural and social contexts

4. Encourages the participant’s willingness to change his/her actions by examining the negative affects of his/her behavior on their relationships, partners, children, friends, community and themselves

5. Provides the participant with practical information on how to change abusive behavior by exploring non-controlling and nonviolent ways of relating to others.

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