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Centered Spirit

Residential Program

Tu’iriauvicha Vo’o – Men’s and Women’s PATH Programs

Walking the path of our ancestors to grow to our fullest potential and heal tribal communities.

There is no better time than now!

At PATH, we understand the importance of culture. We provide opportunities for community/cultural engagement, sweat lodge, and access to traditional healers from Sonora. We offer various psychoeducational and psychotherapeutic groups, wellness opportunities, equine therapy, and referrals for jobs/training opportunities. We take advantage of the amazing resources offered by the Pascua Yaqui Tribe to support your long-term recovery and stability. Our team is committed to your recovery, and we believe in you!

Our Values…

Love is what drives our desire to create healing spaces.
Culture is the foundation, the source, and the cure.
Empowerment gives us the tools to build a life of recovery.
Opportunity is what we deserve to live our fullest potential.
Community is what holds us up and is a place to give back.
Collective Healing is the result of our commitment to recovery.
Life: we deserve to be here.

Admission criteria

  • Enrolled member of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe or spouse/family of enrolled member
  • Enrolled Member of any Federally Recognized Tribe (If not AHCCCS eligible, member’s Tribe will cover costs)
  • In need of or court ordered for treatment
  • AHCCCS Approved
  • 18 years of age or older
  • Photo identification
  • Medical Clearance
  • Provide TB test results completed within 7 days prior to admission
  • Provide a toxicology (UA) & breathalyzer result, upon admission and randomly throughout treatment
  • Provide a list of any prescribed medications, if possible, bring a 30 to 90-day supply.
  • Commit to a minimum of 90 days of treatment; 6 months is recommended

Transitional Treatment Program (TTP)

You commit to your recovery and wellness, and we will provide the space for your family to live together, heal together, and grow together.

Our program consists of five homes on the Pascua reservation that allow for residents to utilize Tribal and other resources with support of a treatment team for successful reunification with children and to keep families together. Residents in TTP have access to various psychoeducational and psychotherapeutic groups, individual therapy, case management, and community events. Our program collaborates with the Tribal Child Protective Services/Arizona Department of Child Safety and other entities involved in your case plan or recovery plan. We take advantage of the amazing resources provided by the Pascua Yaqui Tribe to support your family’s success.

**Contact Centered Spirit for a referral to our program and to be placed on a wait list.

Our Values…

Tribe: healing begins within and among the tribe
Family: we deserve to stay together
Generations: recovery can be transmitted from one generation to the next
Culture: health and healing our way
Safety: families can focus on healing when feeling safe
Space: a home is the heart of family
Love: is what drives our desire to create healing spaces
Empowerment: providing tools for long term housing, family, and financial stability

Admission criteria

  • Be an enrolled PY member or be a spouse/family member of an enrolled member.
  • Be eligible for the Arizona Health Care Cost Containment System (AHCCCCS) insurance
  • Be 18 years of age or older
  • Have a child or children who are, have been, or are at risk of becoming involved with Child Protective Services or the Department of Children Services
  • Have successfully completed a residential substance abuse treatment program and/or documented sobriety maintained through an outpatient treatment program
  • Be able to demonstrate, through written documentation, ongoing sobriety
  • Be willing to actively participate in behavioral health services
  • Be willing to follow TTP program expectations, regulations, and requirements along with the recommendations of their therapist and/or treatment team
  • Sign a 6-month occupancy agreement
  • Actively participate in all aspects of the reunification process, including CPS/DCS case plan and/or behavioral health treatment plan
  • Have the desire to improve their quality of live, become empowered, and become self-sufficient

Residential PATH Program
7402 S. Camino Vahcom
Tucson AZ 85757
Phone: (520) 879-5855 | Fax: (520) 879-5999
After Hours Crisis Line: (520) 591-7206