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Board of Elections

     Board of Elections Rules and Regulations

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Enrolled tribal members interested in becoming a member of the Board of Elections must complete an application. An assortment of questions regarding the applicant’s personal information (name, phone number(s), address, and enrollment number), employment history with the Board of Elections, available working hours, and criminal history are a few questions that must be answered for the application to be considered complete. 

Applications will be available for pick up at the Administration Office at 7474 S. Camino De Oeste Tucson, Arizona 85757 

The Pascua Yaqui Tribal Council is seeking tribal members to appoint to the Pascua Yaqui Board of Election Supervisors. The Council welcomes the enthusiastic participation of its members to take part in this process and serve on the Board of Election Supervisors.

Creation and Powers of the Board

Pursuant to the Pascua Yaqui Constitution Article IX §1, Tribal Council has the power to “adopt an election ordinance” to govern the conduct of all Tribal elections. In accordance with Article VI §1(n) the Constitution also gives the Tribal Council the power to create boards and establish compensation for their members. In 1988, the Tribal Council used this power to establish the Board of Election Supervisors (“Board”) and provided authority to oversee and be responsible for voter registration and tribal elections. In addition to the Constitution, Tribal Council adopted Tribal Code PYTC § 4-3-Board of Election Supervisors. The code outlines the Board’s duties, election procedures, and how an electoral dispute is resolved.

Establishment; Duties (2PYTC §4-3-10)

The Board of Election Supervisors is responsible for overseeing and maintaining a list of registered voters of the Tribe, by conducting all tribal general and special elections, for the election of tribal council members, or for initiative, referendum and recall measures, and the resolution of disputes arising from tribal elections.

Rules and Regulations (2 PYTC § 4-3-20)

The Board may make and enforce election rules that must be approved by Tribal Council before taking effect and cannot conflict with tribal code.

Composition; Selection (2 PYTC § 4-3-30)

The Board is made up of a Chairman and six members at large for a total of seven members.

The Chairman of the Tribal Council shall appoint the Chairman of the Board and each member, with concurrence by the Council.

The Tribal Council Chairman “shall make every attempt to insure representation” from New Pascua, Old Pascua, Marana, Guadalupe, and Barrio Libre,” but if members are not available from each community, the Chairman may select members from any community.

Qualifications (2 PYTC § 4-3-40)

The Chairman and member of the Board must be 21 years old and enrolled members of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe.

No state or federal felony convictions, unless voting rights have been restored.

No convictions of any crime involving deceit, fraud, or misappropriation of funds, unless the conviction has been expunged.

No immediate family members on the Tribal Council.

Properly appointed by the Chairman of the Tribal Council, with concurrence of the Council, for the current term.

Term of Office (2 PYTC § 4-3-50)

The first term of the Board ended December 4, 1991 and each term ends every 4 years thereafter.

At the end of each four-year term a new Board must be appointed.

The Chairman and members of the Board may be reappointed upon approval of the Tribal Council.

Vacancies are filled by the Chairman of the Tribal Council, with concurrence of the Council. The person appointed to fill the vacancy shall serve until the normal expiration of the term of his or her predecessor.

Registrars; Poll Clerks, Poll Judges (2 PYTC § 4-3-60)

The Board Supervisor shall appoint such registrars, poll clerks, and poll judges and assign duties pursuant to the rules and regulations as provided in this section:

The registrar appointed, in addition to assigned duties, may also serve as poll clerk.

There shall be one poll clerk at each polling place.

There shall be at least one poll judge at each poll, which shall be designated as the Chief Judge.

Board Compensation (2 PYTC § 4-3-70)

The members of the Board shall be compensated as Tribal Council may provide within the limits of the available budget monies.