Office of The Prosecutor

It is a tremendous privilege and honor to serve the Pascua Yaqui community as your Chief Prosecutor. Under my leadership this public service office will continuously work to justify the confidence this community has placed in us. Given our authority and responsibility, our office will continuously strive to be more efficient and consistent in all performance measures.

Public safety is this office’s top priority and I have placed primary emphasis on vigorous prosecution. This office will also strive to improve special attention to helping victims, prosecuting crimes against children, intervening and preventing juvenile crime, and increasing efficiency.

The Office of the Prosecutor continues to focus its efforts on domestic violence crimes here on the reservation. We have increased our jurisdictional reach to include non-Indian criminals, where we once could not prosecute them. I am happy to report that this office has convicted multiple non-Indian defendants for domestic violence crimes committed on the reservation and was the first Office to do so in nearly 40 years due to federal law. We will continue to investigate and prosecute these violent and repetitive offenders for their crimes, seeking justice for victims.

Through the relentless efforts of the dedicated attorneys, advocates and staff, and our collaborative relationships with other Pascua Yaqui Government departments, along with local, state, and federal agencies, we will continually strive to make the Pascua Yaqui community safer.


Malena Acosta
Chief Prosecutor

Life Cycle of a Criminal Case

The videos and the companion informational handouts are provided to explain the child welfare court process. The first video is an overview of the child welfare system. The second video explains what happens when a case goes to permanent guardianship. The final video is an explanation of how to prepare for court and what to expect in the courtroom. The handouts can be accessed by clicking on the link above the video. The videos and handouts are for informational purposes only. They are not intended to be nor should they be viewed as legal advice.