Letter V Yaqui Dictionary


-vaane suf. really want to do; ya’avaane, really want to make
-vaawa suf. get ready to do (pl.; sg. -vao); tennivaawa, they are getting ready to run; hi’ibwavaawa, they
are getting ready to eat; kokotvaawa, they are getting ready for bed
-vae suf. desiderative suffix
1. want to (desiderative; usually restricted to verbs referring to desirable actions or outcomes (ex.
nokvae, want to speak; hoarata naate~, want to establish a village); Anía haisa machi? What is the
weather like? Anía ka tu’ivae. The weather looks bad.
2. intend to; In mala kapata hi’uvae, a bwasavaeka. My mother is going to pick lamb’s quarters for
supper. Have Maso yi’ivae ian tukapo? Who is going to dance the Deer tonight?
3. be on the verge of (with some verbs referring to undesirable actions (ex. he’oktivae, be on the verge of
-vale suf. s. equivalent of -vae (var. -vali); kauni mukivalekai (s.), not wanting to die; yeu ne weevalika
(s.), as I walk out
-vali suf. var. of -vale, desire
-vao suf. about to (sg.; pl. -vaawa); ne hi’ibwavaosu, as I was about to eat; ne kotvaosu, as I was about
to go to bed; Ne hachihtivaosu ne vevak. As I was about to sneeze, (s/he) hit me.
-vo suf. go to get (andative; pl.; sg. -se); vatvo, go to get water
va’achia n. olla (clay pot for water)
va’achise iv. go to get water (sg.; pl. vatvo; both used only in pst.)
va’ak iv. have water (river, container
ka ~ iv. be empty (have not water)
va’akam n. nut grass (Cyperus sp.), used as medicine
va’apo weye iv. sail, go by boat
va’ari adj. moist, wet, damp, humid
va’ata iv. get water (vat-, vava’ata)
Va’atakomsika’apo n. place in the Rio Yaqui (lit. water went down)
va’awa n. 1. juice, broth 2. soup, stew 3. liquid excretion, pus
va’ayole iv. quench thirst (var. vaayole; va’ayoli-, va’ayoyole)
vaa comb. of vaa’am, water
~ chomek iv. have a runny nose
~ haitimachi n. dirty water
~ he’e iv. drink water
~ húvahe n. 1. octopus 2. water spider
~ koochim n. shrimp
~ kuvahe n. water drum
~ loovo n. sea lion
~ nuu’u n. thermos, water bottle, canteen, water gourd
~ puusim n. spring (water)
~ si’ita tv. sprinkle (vaa si’ita-, vaa sisi’ita)
~ si’ite iv. sprinkle (vaa si’iti-, vaa si’isi’ite)
~ vetuku adv. underwater
~ weye iv. flow
~ yepsak iv. be flooded
~ yoama n. amphibians and other aquatic animals (but not fish)
~ yoene exp. come get a drink of water
vaa’am n. 1. water 2. broth, liquid (vaau, to the water); vampo, in the water
vaachai n. jar (archaic word)
vaaho’oti adv. blaring, noisy (with hia; syn. ~ aache); Musikom ~ hipona. The music is blaring.
vaahta tv. loosen, take down (~-, vaavahta)
vaahtawa n. loosening, untying
vaaka n. cane, reeds (Arundo donax, giant reed; Phragmites oustralis, reed), used for many purposes
(matting, basketry, arches, arrows, musical instruments)
vaaka huiwa n. cane arrow
vaake tv. boil food (vak-, vavake)
vaaki adj. boiled
vaakot n. snake; ~ tekukupo weama. Where a whirlwind stops, you’ll find a snake (folk belief).
vaakot hiawai n. snake sound
vaala n. bullet
vaalai adj. loose (joint, hinges)
vaali adj., n. 1. adj. fresh, cool 2. n. freshness, coolness (syn. vai)
vaamse adv. in a hurry
vaanam adv. 1. downriver 2. the downriver area (the villages of Potam, Rahum, Wivisim, Veenem) 3.
west (cf. taa’at)
vaane tv. irrigate, water (van-, vavane)
vaapo hiapsame n. aquatic biomass
vaario n. barrio, quarter, ward, suburb
vaasevo’i n. butterfly
vaaso n. glass (drinking)
vaasu tv. soak (vasú-, vavaasu)
vaata n. crotch, groin (loc. vatapo)
vaata yehtepo n. march, bog, swamp (lit. where water collects)
vaataponame n. water-drum player
Vaatosaimpo n. place in Sonora (lit. place of the gulls)
vaatu iv. dash out (~-, vavatu)
vaavu n. clay
vaawe n. sea, ocean
vaawe iv. leak (vaw-, vavawe; re: roof); Kari ~. The roof is leaking.
vaaye n. valley
vacha’e n. kangaroo rat
vachi n. corn (seed, kernels)
~ vino n. corn wine
~ vino bwikam n. corn wine songs
vachi waasa n. corn field
váchia n. 1. seed 2. pit, stone (fruit)
vachía adv., interj. 1. adv. first (in position), turn (taking a ~) 2. interj. go ahead (interj.); Aapo ~. Let
he/him go first. A: Empo ~. B: Chiokoe uttesia. Thank you.
vachomo n. seep willow (Baccharis salicifolia)
vachu interj. hold it, one moment please
-vae suf. 1. want to (desiderative; restricted to verbs referring to desirable actions or outcomes (ex.
nokvae, want to speak) 2. be on the verge of (with some verbs referring to undesirable actions (ex.
he’oktivae, be on the verge of hiccups); Anía haisa machi> What is the weather like? Anía ka tu’ivae.
The weather looks bad.
vae adv. by means of water
~ muuke iv. be thirsty (pl. ~ koko)
~ mukne iv. get thirsty (pl. ~ kokone)
~ weche iv. be foggy
~ wetvae iv. get foggy
vaekai in: ka vaeka, exp. need, allow for, require, must; Ka vaeka senu oorata emo makneekai trenta
bwihvaeteko. You want to give yourself an hour if you’re planning to catch the train. Ka vaekai empo a
vehe’etuakai. You must pay for it. Empo ka vaekai aman noitenekai. You should go pay them a visit.
vaekio n. a plant sp. (Sesbania exaltata)
vaesevoli n. butterfly (s.; = vaisevo’i)
vaewa n. fog, mist (s.; = vahewa)
vaewaakas n. cactus wren
vaeweche n. dew, fog
vah- comb. of vaso, grass
vaha iv. swell (vai- or vahi-, vavaha; vahakan is used as the perfect instead of vasisuk)
vahewa n. mist, fog (s. vaewa)
vahewehcia adj. dew-laden
vahi num. three (s. vai)
Vahi Mariam n. the Three Marias
vahi’itua tv. give someone a drink of water
vahia n. bay (water)
vahima iv. wash hands (vahim-, vavahima)
vahimpo adv. (at) three o’clock
vahisia adv. thrice, three times
vahiwe adv. in three ways
vahiya iv., n. 1. iv. be swollen (pst. ~k) 2. n. swelling (var. vaiya); Aapo tu’isi wok ~. Her/his foot is
swelling up. U ~ ka kom siika. The swelling went down. U ~ soutek. The swelling went down.
vahkom n. 1. lake, pond 2. Bacum
vahooti adv. loudly, boisterously
vahotiuwa n. loud background noise
Vahtekoim n. the Pleiades
vahu’uki n. boiled food taken out of pot
vahu’uri(a) n., iv. 1. n. hay, pasturage 2. iv. cut hay
vahu’urina iv. wash one’s face (s. vaulina)
vahu’use iv. go for hay (sg.; pl. vahu’uvo)
vahume iv. swim (pst. ~n, vahum-, vavahume)
vahwiolai adj. plants (metaphoric for people)
vai1 num. three (s.; = vahi)
vai2 comb. of vaa’am, water
~ koko, iv. thirsty (pl.)
~ muuke, iv. thirsty (sg.)
vai-3 comb. of vaha, swell
vai adj. fresh, cool (syn. vaali)
vai heeka n. cool breeze
vaikumareewi n. dragonfly
vaile n. dance (social event)
vaisae iv. be grateful (~-, vaisasae); Yoeme tua enchi ~. The man is really grateful to you. Apo a ~. S/he
is thankful to her/him.
vaisaewame n. gratitude, thankfulness
vaisevo’i n. butterfly (s. vaesevoli); U chukui ~ techoe. The black butterfly is a bad omen.
vaita’a tv. misinform, deceive, fool (vaita’á-, vaitata’a); Kia ne a ~kamta venasi aayuk. As if I had
misinformed him he completely forgot.
vaita’awame n. fooling
vaite tv. flap, flutter (with masa as obj.; vaiti-, vaivaite)
vaitia iv. joking, teasing; ume usim nau ~. The children are teasing each other.
vaitiuwa iv. be chatting, joking (pastime)
vaitiuwame n. joke
vaivakuria n. small branch (tree)
vaiweche n. fog, mist
vaiya n. swelling
vak- comb. of vaake, boil food
vaka comb. of vaaka, cane
~ nawa n. reed root (used for shampoo)
~ Tetteve n. Bacatete Mountains (Yaqui stronghold)
vaka’apo n. Mexican paloverde (Parkinsonia aculeata; cf. cho’i)
vakalaume n. a bamboo sp.
vakasión n. vacation
vakau n. golden bamboo
vake’o n. cowboy
vakeeta n. leather
vakoe n. a plant sp. used for greens
vakoni n. a species of duck
vakot hiawai n. harp and violin tuning used for weddings
vakot muteka n. a plant sp.
vakot nini n. a plant sp.
vaksia tv. wash (not clothes, hands; ~-, vavaksia); cf. hipaksia; Aapo aso’ola toosam ~ne. She will wash
the baby’s blanket.
vakulia n. new shoot (plants), twig
vakuuna n. vaccine
valansa n. scales (for weighing)
-vale suf. s. equivalent of -vae (var. -vali); kauni mukivalekai (s.), not wanting to die; yeu ne weevalika
(s.), as I walk out
-vali suf. var. of -vale, desire
vali yoe exp. come cool off
valepo n. desire, will
vali yoene exp. come and cool off
valiria tv. cool
valiaroa accepted according to rule or convention, count (in sports)
valichiapo adv. pretending; for the sake of argument (with kia); Kia ~ te tomita yewane. Let’s play with
the money just for pretend. Ka nau omte vetchi’ivo kia ~ hosom itom bwiapo nu’upavawatea. Not to
get angry, but for the sake of argument, suppose that there were bears in our country.
valiliti adv. coolingly, refreshingly (s.; valisi); sia ~ yo hekame (s.), the one who is blowing enchanted
green coolingly
valisi adv. coolingly, refreshingly (s. valiliti); ~ yuke, raining refreshingly
valle n. pail, bucket
valumai tv. wash (s.); kia ne seata ~ (s.), I am just washed by the flower
vamihtua tv. hurry; Itom maala Mariata ~. That woman is hurrying Mary.
vamse iv. be in a hurry (vamsi-, vamvamse); Aapo su ~ move’iwa to’ossika. Being in a hurry, he left his
hat behind. Vempo si ka vamvamse. They don’t hurry up.
vamsea adv. go ahead, you might as well; ~ weye, go ahead and go
vamseka interj. Nolia ~ emo a’ana. Hurry up and go ahead.
vamsi adv. in a hurry; Aapo hiva yeu ~ne. He is always in a
van- comb. of vaane, irrigate
vandeha n. pan
vanko n. 1. bench 2. car seat (in Sonora; used in the pl.; cf. siiya)
vannai n. pudding
vanreo n. irrigator (person)
vansea adv., interj. 1. adv. might as well 2. interj. go ahead; ~ weye. Go ahead.
vanseka interj. 1. hurry 2. go ahead
vanteam n. flag; Ume Yoem ~ naiki chokim hippue; ume tevei, tosai, into siki. The Yoeme flag has
four stars; it is dark blue, white and red.
vanteereo n. flag bearer (syn. alpes)
vanyo n. shower (for bathing)
-vao suf. about to (sg.; pl. -vaawa); ne hi’ibwavaosu, as I was about to eat; ne kotvaosu, as I was about
to go to bed; Ne hachihtivaosu ne vevak. As I was about to sneeze, (s/he) hit me.
variil n. barrel
varko n. ship
varnis n. varnish
varnistua tv. varnish
varvula n. valve
vasea n. dregs (of drink)
vaseka n. 1. flotsam, debris washed ashore 2. a plant sp.
vasevo’i n. a fly sp. (lit. water-fly; s. vaesevoli)
vasiwe iv. sprout (vasiw-, vavasiwe)
vasiula n. 1. shoot, sprout 2. descendent
vaso n. grass (comb. vah-; including Bouteloua barbata and other species)
Vaso Huuras n. Straw Judas burned during Easter ceremonies
vaso moela n. brush, dried area
vasou adj. to the grass
~ wattila iv. be free to do as one likes
~ wetla iv. while the cat’s away, the mice will play
vasua iv. be cleansed by soaking or rain (var. vasula; ~-, vavasua)
vat- comb. of va’ata, get water
vat adv. first, foremost; U hamut ~ weyen. The lady went first.
~ tuuka adv. day before yesterday~ wéeme n. basic, fundamental thing
vata n. crotch (loc. vata’apo)
vatan adv. at/to the right; ~ vétana, from the right; ~ vétana mampo taawak, stayed right in the hands of;
Señor itom achai Diosta ~ vétana mampo taawak. It (the truth) stayed in God’s right hand.
vatat n. small green frog sp. with long legs
vatatana adv. to the right
vatea n. mixing bowl
vateria n. 1. battery 2. flashlight
vatnaataka(i) adv. in the beginning, long ago (in mythic times) (var. vatnaateka; this is used in
narrativges, sermons, and other formal genres; syn. vinwatuko which is used in conversation); si
vatnaaaateka, very loooong ago; ~ aavo yaahisukame haivu kokosuk. The one who came in the
beginning haved already passed away.
chea ~ adv. at the very beginning, at the outset
vato’i n. baptized person, Christian; ka ~, 1. mean person 2. pagan
vato’o adv. in baptism
~ achai n. godfather (masc.)
~ ae n. godmother (masc., fem.)
~ asoa n. godchild (either sex; fem.)
~ hapchi n. godfather (fem.)
~ hiosia n. baptismal certificate
~ maara n. goddaughter (masc.)
~ teak n. first name, Christian name
~ uusi n. godson (masc.)
~ yo’owam n. godparents
vatosai n. seagull
vatowawame n. baptism
vatta tv. soak
vatte adv. almost (cf. ave); ~ne muukek. I almost died. ~ karita wechek. It (a tree) almost fell on the
vatvo iv. go to get water (pl.; sg. va’achise)
vatwe n. river
vaulina iv. wash one’s own face (s.l.; vahu’urina)
vauwo n. pochote, ceiba tree (Ceiba acuminata)
vava’atoa , tv. 1. pour liquid on 2. butter someone up, flatter (~-, no rdp.)
vavaasu rdp. of vaasu, soak
vava’atua iv. throw water
vavasua tv. pre-soak laundry (pst. ~n, ~-; no rdp.); Ime saavom hunaka ~. The laundry is pre-soaking
(in) the soap.
vavatria tv. haul water for someone
vavepiinim n. hair pin, bobby pin
vavi cho’ola n. lark
vavis n. a plant sp., perhaps wild parsley (Sp. yerba manso)
vaw- comb. of vaawe, leak
vawa in: ka [noun] ~, be cancelled, called off (ex. ka pahko vawa, be no ceremony)
vawe mayoa n. shore, coast, beach
ve’a tv. save, reserve (vi’i-, veve’a)
ve’e iv. be lacking, left over (pst. ~ka, vi’i-, veve’e); Maria im ~ka. Mary is absent. Ama ~. It is still lacking.
Tomi Mariatau ~. Mary has no money. Um bwa’ampo ona ama ~. The food needs salt.
ve’ekame n. remainder, extra; Vempo waka bwa’am yeu ve’ekamta mikwak. They were given the extra
ve’ekik adv. so much
ve’emu adv. a certain distance or length; wai ~, as far as over there; wai ~ ha’amuk, climbed so far; kaita
va vemu weamakasu (s.), walked so far away from
ve’okte iv. stick out tongue, be lightening (ve’okti-, ve’ove’okte)
ve’oktia n. lightening
ve’ove’okte iv. be lightening, stormy
véa adv. does, will, then (ptc. gives empahsis; it is placed after the clause constituent that is emphasized;
used in song language and spoken Yoeme); Ian ~ yo ániapo bwiika. Now it is singing in the enchanted
world. Nu su ~ ama weyetea. That’s what goes in it (content of song, talk, ritual, or other event). Nasuk
tukapo ~ sewa heeka ama weye. In the middle of the night, the Flower Wind goes there (s.) Sewa huli ~
ama weye. The Flower Badger does go there (s.) Hunak ~ aapo yepsak. And then s/he arrived. Aapo ~
bwikne. He will sing.
veá n. skin, shell, bark, rind; nasoveá, orange rind
~ huya n. a plant sp.
~ pua tv. take rind off squash
~ yecha tv. skin
veák vena n. a plant sp.
veakta tv. unroll, stretch out
veakte iv. be unrolling (veakti-, veaveakte)
veakti iv. turned over
veas(i) postp. behind, beside; on the other side
veaskopte tv. forget (var. wahkopte; veaskopti-, veaskopkopte; ex.: am veas ne koptek, I forgot them)
veasu conj. since; ~ empo ka a sualekai, ka into te enchi mahtavae. Since you don’t believe, we’re not
going to teach you anymore. Vat em kaáte ~ eme ka itom vovitvae. Go ahead of us since you don’t
want to wait for us.
vechehta tv. roll up pants or sleeves (~-, vevechehta)
veeki adv. so much; ia ~, this much; wa ~, that much; Ia ~ka ama aayuk. There is this much there.
veeko n. abalone, abalone shell, mother-of-pearl
veelam n. sails
veelom n. veil
veeme n. girl, young woman
Veenem n. Belem
veerok n. disease (lip)
veete iv. 1. be burning 2. glow (veeti-, veveete)
veetia iv. be burned
véeva tv. chase, kick out (vep-, vevva)
veéva tv. hit, strike
veewa n. nonsense, gibberish
veewatia adv. 1. nonsense 2. brag, boast; complain, whine (said of a drunk or whining child) (with the
verb hia: veewatiu-, veewatia hihia)
veha adv., interj. 1. adv. already, maybe (var. vesa) 2. interj. ready?; Apo ~ yoóko humak yevihne.
Maybe he will come tomorrow morning.
vehako adv. a while ago
vehe’e tv., iv. 1. tv. betray, deceive 2. cost (so much) 3. iv. be expensive, costly, valuable (~-, vevehe’e);
A: Paanim kafeta into hinuvae. B: Woi peesom vehe’e. A: (I) want to buy bread and coffe. B: That will
be two dollars; Inime livrom tu’isi ~. These books are very valuable.
au ~ iv. be one’s own worst enemy; Huan aposu au vehe’e. John is his own worst enemy.
yee ~me n. traitor
vehe’ebwan iv. be too expensive
vehe’eri postp., n. 1. postp. against 2. n. enemy
vehe’eria iv., n. 1. iv. cost, be worth 2. n. cost
vehe’etua tv. pay, repay; kaita am ~k, paid them nothing
vehe’etuari adj. paid
vehe’ewa n. price, cost, expense
veho’orim n. cachora (lizard sp.)
vehu’uku n. nook, cranny, crevice
vekta tv. shave, plane, scrape (~-, vekvekta)
vekte iv. be scraping (vekti-, vekvekte)
vekti adj. shaved, scraped
velaaroa iv. vigil, stay up
vele’ekatana adv. from side to side, from place to place
veleki adj. this much (obj. ~ka)
veletchi adj. size; Waka see’eta ~k huni te hakam vitne. We will see them (the truths of the past) the
size of a grain of sand.
veliis n. suitcase
vélohko adj. bright, shining
vemela adj. new, innovative (pl. veemela; cf. wéemta); U hamutta kari ~. The woman’s house is new.
Aapo ~ maakinata hippue. S/he has a new car. Ume livrom ~. The book is new. Ume livrom veemela.
The books are new. Vempo Tusoneu ~ piisam hinuk. They bought a new blanket in Tucson. Aapo ~
maakinata hinune. S/he’s going to buy a new car.
Vemela Pahkua n. New Pascua
Vemela Wasuktia n. New Year
Vemela Vasuktiawi, Alleaka Te Au Yumak exp. Happy New Year
vemelasi adj. new (to position or situation); ~ au kikte, be new in a position
vemelate tv. renew, renovate (~-, vemmelate)
vemmucha tv. spank, whip (syn. vepsu; vemmuchá’a-, vemmumucha)
vempo pn. they
vempo’im pn. them; ~ mechi pn. at/on them
vempo’immet pn. at/on them
vempola pn. themselves
vemu adv. var. of ve’emu, a certain distance
vena postp. as, like; cf. venasi(a);, vévena; Aapo vepsuwamta ~. He looks like he’s been beaten up.
venak(o) adv. same, like this; Ia ~ ne waata. I want something in this size.
venasi(a) postp. as, like; cf. vena; Aapo tomekamta venasia nau weye. S/he goes around as if they
were rich.
tuata ~ adv. as if; Huan tuata ~ hiune. John always has the best intentions.
vennikut adv. in a given direction, in far or unheard of places; hakun ~, in far away places; Hakun ~ te
yeu noitek. Some where in far away places we visited. Apo hakun ~ a hahase. S/he chased her/him to
the back of beyond/to unheard of places.
venta tv. 1. smear, spread 2. anoint (~-, venventa)
ventaana n. 1. window 2. windshield (on car); ~m tutu’uteme, n. windshield wipers
venveno’ote iv. flying in circles (venveno’oti-)
veohko adj. bright, shining
vepa postp., n. 1. postp. on top of, more than 2. n. roof; Karipo ~ kom chepte’e. Get down off the roof. I
kama chea tu’i kia wai kamata ~. This squash is sweeter than that squash.
vepa supem n. blouse
vepasu postp. above, overhead
veppani adj. certain size
vepsu tv. spank, whip (syn. vemmucha; ~-, vevepsu)
vera’a voocham n. sandals
verai adj. flat (re: small items)
verduura n. vegetable
vesa1 interj. okay for now
vesa2 adv. var. of vesa, already
veseo n. calf (animal)
vesiino n. neighbor (syn. heela ho’akame)
vesiito tv. kiss (syn. nat tetente; ~-, vevesiito)
vesuma tv. skin, peel with axe or knife (~-, vevesuma; ex. bark); cf. vekta, siiva; na’asota ~, peel an
vetala(i) adj. flat, even, smooth (var. veta’i, in: wok veta’i, sole of foot)
vétana postp. 1. from 2. between (cf. nau nasuk); o’ou into ili o’outa ~, between the man and the boy;
Itepo nau ea uusim ~ ela’apo vempo tekipanoane. We agree that the children can work. U hua misi
kawim ~ kom yepsa. The bobcat comes down from the mountains (at night). Ume yoemem vatatana ~
kaáte. The men are coming from the right.
vetayeka n. duck (syn. paato)
vetchi adj. same size (pl. vettechi); ia ~, this size; Itom kari ia ~. Our house is this size.
vetchi’ivo postp. for
1. for the benefit of, for
2. for the purpose of, in order to (with a noun in obj. case, the combining form of a verb, or with the
following paradigm: ne, e, a/ae, ito, emo, vempo’im); U ili usita hariune, me’e ~. He is looking for the
Child, in order to kill Him (nativity story). U pahkota ~ ito nau tu’ute. We’re getting ready for the
ceremony. Ume hamuchim revarua paanim hoa veloriota ~. The women are making yeast bread for
the wake.
3. be good for (remedy), intended for; hik ~, be intended for sewing; Inime váchiam et ~. This is seed for
planting. Katin sauko seewam, naoto’oria into negrita tu’isi tu’i taiwechiata ~. Recall that elderberry,
naoto’oria and negrita is really good for a fever.
chuvala ~, adv. for a little while
vetcho’oria n. crust
vetelai adj. flat
vette adj. heavy
yee ~ tave iv. will pull one down (health, emotion)
vettea n. weight
vétuku postp., n. 1. postp. under 2. n. base, bottom; humaku ~, under the ground
vétukuni postp. beneath
veuti interj. what a shame, what a waste; ~ munim woovo’ota. What a shame they threw away the
~ am hoa tv. waste; Vempo bwa’amta veuti hoa. They’re wasting food.
~ maachi iv. be desirable; Hamut ~ maachi. The woman is desirable.
veutia tv. desire (re: anything, including food; pst. ~n, ~-; cf. ukkule); Aapo ama vutti a ~. S/he desires it
kaita ~ iv. be wasteful
veutiachi adj. desirable
veutiachisi adv. desirably (often with maachi)
vevehe’eri n. 1. enemy 2. the Devil
vevepa postp. on top of; Kawim ~ rehte. (They) are walking on top of the mountain. yo aniwata ~ (s.), on
top of the enchanted world
vewichi postp. along side of, next to (resp.)
vewit postp. next to, at the same level
~ weye exp. be same age as; Ne vewit weye. S/he is the same age as me.
vi’am n. nape (of neck)
vi’ita tv. twist, wind around, coil (~-, vivi’ita)
vi’ite iv. 1. be twisting 2. be on the verge of a bowel movement (vi’iti-, vivi’ite)
vi’iti adj. twisted
vi’itia iv. be twisted, tangled
viakta tv. roll something up (~-, viaviakta)
viakte iv. roll over (viakti-, viaviakte); kom ~, roll downhill
vaa’a ~ iv. flood; Uka vaa’ata ~k ite hamuta te hinne’uk. When the big flood came we rescued that
viakti n. rolled over
viaktisime iv. be rolling
vicha1 postp. toward
~u, in the future; Ta ~u ket Dios aapo enchim a mikne. In the future, God himself will give it to you.
wam ~ adv. beyond; karipo wam ~, beyond the house
vicha2 tv., iv. 1. tv. see; oversee, direct, manage 2. iv. look at (vit-, viivicha, vivit-); In achai chea
Yoronata au vichaktia. My father saw the Llorona. Haivu numak mamni meecha ama vivitwakai. It
was seen about five months ago.
misa ~ tv. hear mass
yee ~ tv. read someones’s mind (lit. see straight through people; cf. ta’a)
vichapo postp. in front of (not moving; with a noun in obj. case, or with the following paradigm: ne, ee, ae,
itom, enchim, vempo’im)
vichame n. 1. spectator 2. overseer, superintendent, director
vichau postp., adv. towards; ~ itom to’osiika yoyo ániwa (s), towards (where the sun sets) the
enchanted world left us
vichau vicha adv. in the future; Vempo vichau vicha tekipanoa. They work to the future.
vichau vicha weye iv. go forward, proceed
vichi’ise iv. go to see (sg.; pl. vitvo)
videotepim n. videotape
Vienes n. Friday
vihpa n. vespers
vihta tv. wrap (~-, vihvihta)
vihtam n. the movies, film
vihte iv. be wrapping (vihti-, vihvihte)
vihtei adj. wrapped
viicha n. wasp
viichi adj. bald; Luis kova ~. Louis is bald. Luis=tuka’u kova ~tukan. The late Louis was bald.
viika iv. 1. rot, spoil, decay 2. be infected (viká-, vivika)
~ huva iv. stink, smell bad
viino n. wine
viiva n. 1. tobacco 2. cigarette (cigarettes may be used to cure, or for harming another person; a cigarette
may be used to scout ahead of a party)
vika n. arrowhead
vikala adj. spoiled, rotten, putrid
Vikam n. Vicam
viko n. bumblebee
víkue iv. whistle (syn. viute; vikúi-, no rdp.)
vina adv. toward over there, toward over here
~ weye. Come over here.
vina’avo adv. from over here, from this side (cf. vina)
vinakre n. vinegar
vinwa adv. long ago, for a long time; Haivu ~ yuke. It’s been
raining for a long time.
vinwatu iv. be ancient
vinwatuk adv. delayed, too long
vinwatuko adv. a long time ago (in conversation; syn. vatnaateka is used in stories and sermons); si
viiiiinwatuko, very, very long ago
viohko n. shiny object
viohkosi adv. sparkling (with aane)
violaroa tv. rape; Am ~k ume vevemsu, ian ini Ehpanyolim ume. They raped the young girls, these
visa’e n. gourd
visachia n. vomit
visata iv. vomit (visat-, vissata)
visikleeta n. bicycle
vit- comb. of vicha, to see
vit ta’a tv. recognize, know by sight
vitchime n. on-looker, someone making the rounds (visiting)
vitchu tv. 1. look at 2. observe (pst. ~-n, ~-, vivitchu); Hamut karim ~. The woman is looking at the
chokinaik puhvaka a ~ iv. scowl, frown
vitchume n. onlooker, bystander
vitchuwame n. observation
vittua1 dv. show; Livrom ne ~. Show me the books. Peuta ne karita ~k. Peter showed me the house.
vittua2 tv. send, dispatch
vitvo iv. go to see (pl.; sg. vichi’ise)
vitwame n. view
viute iv. whistle (syn. víkue; viuti-, viuviute)
vivino(li) n. a plant sp., bushy and sweet smelling
vivinwatu iv. take too long (~-)
vivinwatume n. someone who takes too long
viyateera n. wallet
-vo suf. go to get (andative; pl.; sg. -se); vatvo, go to get water
vo’a tv. fish with line; cf. kuchusua
vo’areo n. fisherman, angler (with line; cf. kuchureo)
vo’arim n. fishing hook
vo’o hoa tv. 1. walk 2. travel, take a trip 3. be occupied with 4. lead one’s life
vo’o hoame n. traveler
vo’oka iv. be lying down (sg.; pl. to’oka; pst. ~n, vo’o-,; s.l.voyoka); cf. vo’ote
vo’ose iv. go to lie down (sg.; pl. to’otek)
vo’osime iv. float 2. lie on a moving object 3. slither (sg.; pl. to’osaka; pst. ~n, vo’osim-, no rdp.); cf.
sunsunte, waka’anama, waka’ate
vo’ote iv. lie down (sg.; pl. to’ote; ~-, vovo’e);
cf. vo’oka; vo’ote’epo, where was laid
vo’otek in: iv. aet ~, be convicted (lit. lay it on her/him)
voa n. 1. fur, down, hair (not head hair) 2. feather (gen.)
~ rovoi adj. hairy, furry, fuzzy
~ weche iv. lose (fur, hair), molt
voak n. mold
voam n. fuzz, fur, down, body hair
voara n. 1. hairy 2. wooly caterpillars
voatu iv. grow hair, get moldy
vochata iv. put on shoes, tires
voe iv. 1. bark (syn. chu chae, haiti chae) 2. argue (with emo) (voi-, vovoe; ex.: am ~ne, get ’em; emo voi,
n. exchange of [angry] words); Chu chukuli bwan ne voyeme. Yes, indeed, the black dog is barking at
me (tongue twister). U chuu’um vovoe. The dogs usually bark.
voes n. ox
vohokta tv. bore, drill a hole
vohte iv. 1. be draining, emptying 2. have diarrhea (vohti-)
vohtek iv. be spilled, upset (re: contained item(s); with yeu)
vohtila adj. open at one end (bag)
vohtiwame n. one having diarrhea
voleeto n. ticket
volsa n. pocket
voo’o n. road, path (loc. voot); Wa yoawa tua inivo yeu siika, a sewa voota ye siika (s). The animal
(deer) went out, went out on its deer road. Vaakot voot vo’oka. There’s a snake lying on the road.
~ tottepo adv. at the/a bend in the road
~ta hahase, follow the road
tu’i ~ta weiya, follow the good road (lead a good life)
~ta tehwa, point out the way
voo hóowame n. journey, trip
voo toha tv. accompany someone a short distance
voocham n. 1. shoes 2. tires, wheels (of car); ~po wokte, put on shoes
vooda n. wedding
voohoria iv., n. iv. 1. iv. lead a good life 2. n. event 3. n. life
voohtia n. diarrhea
voola n. 1. ball of string or yarn (cf. pelootam) 2. crowd, throng
~ yehtela iv. become tangled into a ball/have muscles knotted up
voolo n. gathering (social), baptism party
voonia n. cane, walking stick
voopo iv., n. 1. iv. blister 2. n. blister, boil
voosa n. sack
voot adv. on the road (loc. of voo’o, road)
voote n. can, canned goods
voovok n. Colorado River toad; Vovok sikim lihtomaka kontituan. One processes with a toad tied with a
red ribbon (folk belief).
vooyo iv. get a blister from abrasion (voyo-); cf. heohtek
vosime iv. var. of vo’osime, crawl
votea n. bottle
votiika n. drugstore, pharmacy
votoon n. 1. button 2. doorknob 3. handle (doors, furniture) 4. bulb (plant)
vovicha tv. wait for, await; be patient; Ume kopariam uka maehtota yevih ~. The cantoras are waiting
for the lay priest to arrive. Apo si ~. S/he is patient.
voyoka iv. lie down (sg.; pl. toyoka; s.; = vo’oka/to’oka)
voyola iv. blister (voyó-, vovoyo)
vu’u pn. many (nonhuman; pl. vu’um); cf. huevena; ~ kavam, many eggs; Aapo ~m nautohak. He
gathered many.
vu’uchi n. wattles (chicken, turkey)
vu’uria iv. to multiply; Vempo emo ~. They are multiplying.
vuam n. white cloth for deer dancer’s deer head
vuhti adv. in: ama ~ hi’ibwak, overate (syn. unna hi’ibwak)
vuite iv. run (sg.; pl. tenne; vuiti-, vuivuite)
vuitilame n. fugitive
vuitiria dv. run for someone else
vuivuite iv. jog
vuivuiteme n. jogger
vuke tv. own, raise (animals)
vukek iv. have livestock
vuki n. pet, slave
vukiwame n. animal husbandry
vuru sisi n. a fungus (Podaxis sp.; lit. burro piss)
vusa iv., tv. awaken, wake up (vusá’a-, vuvusa; syn. suavusa, which is more formal in diction)
vusa’ala adj. awake; Hose haivu ~. Joe is still awake.
vusan tomi n. seventy-five cents
vusani num. six
vusanimpo adv. (at) six o’clock
vusanisia adv. six times
vutta tv. untie, loosen , release grip (~-, vutvutta)
vutte iv. become untied, loose (vutti-, vutvutte)
vutti 1. adj. untied (var. vuttila) 2. n. harsh person 3. awesome, wondrrous, incredible
ama ~ adv. desperately; Aapo ama ~ a veutia. S/he desires it desperately.
vuttia see ama
vuu’u adj. many (re: nonhuman); cf. huevena
vuuru n. ass, burro. Donkey