Hazard Mitigation Planning Update

Mitigation Plan PDF Document

The Pascua Yaqui Tribe is actively participating in the collaborative working group updating the Pima County Multi-Jurisdictional Hazard Mitigation Plan.  In 2017, the plan was approved by FEMA and adopted by Tribal Council as well as jurisdictional partners who are fully vested in reducing natural hazard impacts.  On an annual basis we collectively review and update progress and plan implementation, with a full plan evaluation every 5 years.


The public has the opportunity to comment on the current plan as well as the final draft of the updated 2022 plan. The comment period has begun for the current 2017 plan, which can be viewed on the Pima County’s Mitigation Plan web page. Comments may be submitted through the electronic form located on the right-hand side of that page or by clicking here. Once plan revisions are complete, the final draft will be made available for review and comment, so please check back regularly.


If you have questions, please contact Andre Matus Sr. (andre.matus2@pascuayaqui-nsn.gov)  or Paul Mesa (paul.mesa@pascuayaqui-nsn.gov) at the PYT Office of Emergency Management.