Letter C Yaqui Dictionary


-chi suf. 1. var. of -t, on (resp.); ex. vo’ot wecehk, it fell on the road; vo’ochi, on the road (in resp.
to where?) 2. used with person markers (nechi, echi, achi, itochi, emochi, vempo’im mechi)
cha’abwa tv. patch (~-, chacha’abwa)
cha’aka iv. 1. be hovering, hanging, leaning 2. be like minded 3. be important (ex.aman wéepo ~,
it’s important to go) 4. be next in sequence 3. be next in sequence or agenda, moving behind (with
the following paradigm: net, et, at/aet, itot, emot, vempo’imet) (pst. ~n, cha’a-, chacha’a; cf. chaya)
nat ~ weye, follow/come after; Ini konti aet ~ weye. The procession comes next. Nat ~ weye si’ime
was alavansa. All of the albanzas follow each other.
nau ~ iv. be allied to
cha’akame n. ally (with postp. itamak, with us)
nau ~ n. alliance
yoemra nau ~ n. committee, board
cha’aparia n. 1. comb (of a chicken) 2. eaves, overhang of roof
cha’asaka iv. pl. of cha’asime
cha’asime iv. 1. billow (clouds) 2. walk (rain) 3. be flying along 4. glide (pl. cha’asaka)
cha’atu iv. get together, collect, assemble (clouds; s. chatu)
nau ~ tv. connect
cha’atula iv. be hanging, hovering (cha’atu-, chacha’atu)
cha’atuwame n. conncection
chaapa n. clothes pin
chaatim n. shot, injection
chachaeri n. cry, shout
chachaese iv. go to call, summon (pst. ~k, comb. chachai-, fut. chaene; au = d.o.); Au ne
chachaivae. I’ll go call her/him.
chae tv. call, howl, yell, scream, whoop, call loudly (~-/chai-, chatchae); Aapo senukut ~n. S/he
was calling someone.
chahe tv. scrape bark off a tree with axe or machete (pst. ~n, chahi-; chachahe)
chahi- comb. of chahe, scrape
chai- comb. of chae, call/howl
chaka’aku adv. on the corner
chaka’aria n. corner
chakaka’ati adv. sideways
~ weye, walking sideways
chakala adv. on its side, leaning; cf. chakula
chakalai adv. sideways
chake’etim n. jacket
chaketonim n. coat
chakiram n. elaborate necklace of many strands woven into a pattern of adjacent horizontal
diamond shapes, amde of beads; Ume hamuchim ~ kokam pahkota vetchi’ivo hoa. The women are
making chakiram for the ceremony.
chakkai adj. leaning
chakkui adj. bent, twisted, crooked
chakte iv. be dripping, trickling (chakti-, chakchakte)
chaktia n. drop
chakukte iv. go sideways (chakukti-, chakuchakute)
chakula(i) adj. crooked, tilted sideways, not level, uneven
champu n. shampoo (a native shampoo was made from the buffalo gourd, and another from
bamboo root)
chamta tv. split cane (~-, chamchamta)
chamte iv. be splitting cane (chamti-, chamchamte)
chamti adj. broken (pst. ~atukan)
chana n. blackbird
Chanatu n. Becoming a Blackbird (dance song)
chango n. monkey
chansa n. chance
chao n. chin, snout
~ voam n. whiskers, beard
chapa’a adj. pitched (roof, paper folded over)
chapa kari n. lean-to (lit. pitched house)
chapala adv. pressing together (flat surfaces); ~ mamak, have one’s hands pressed together
Chapayeka n. masked Fariseo member (lit. folded nose)
~ yotui n. old man chapayeka mask
chapta tv. cut it with scissors (~-, chapchapta)
chapte iv. be cutting with scissors (chapti-, chapchapte)
chaptiam n. scissors
chasime iv. be flying, fly along (var. cha’asime; sg.; pl. cha’asaka)
chasisime iv. 1. blowing in the breeze, floating in air 2. float (pst. ~n; chasisim-; no rdp.)
chatu iv. assemble (clouds), cloud over (s.; = cha’atu); Kalasoiti hikauwi ~ko (s.), when the clouds
gather brilliantly overhead
chatchae rdp. of chae, call
chava’im n. calf (of leg)
chavulai n. ponytail
chaya tv. tether it, hang it (chayá’a-, chatcha; cf. cha’aka)
aet a ~ tv. attack
yoemta ~ iv. execute by hanging
che pn. you (used in polite requests; pl. chem); Ne ~ vaulina. Wash my face. Ne che vovicha. Wait
for me. Ne chem ho’okoe. You forgive me. Ne chem miika. Give me some. Ne chem pomtittua.
Give me a drink. Ne che yentaa. Give me a smoke.
che’e suckle (chi’i-, cheche’e)
che’ewa conj. moreover
che’ewale iv. think highly of (che’ewali-, cheche’ewale)
che’ewasu adv. more and more (var. cheche’ewasu); Luis ~ awia. Louis is getting fatter and fatter.
chea adv. emphatic particle (s. chewa)
1. more; ~ kia, tastier; A: Haisa pa’asim huhusai? B: E’e, pa’asim ~ momorao. A: Are raisins
brown? B: No, they’re really purple. A: Haisa plantano siki? B: E’e, plantano ~ sawai. A: Are
bananas red? B: No, they’re more yellow. Kaita ~ bwe’u? Can’t you find something bigger to wear
(said in teasing)? Kaita ~ ili’ichi? (Can’t you find something smaller to wear (said in teasing)?
2. really; In achai ~ , Yoronata au vitlatia. My father really did see the Llorona. In Tio Lukas ~
hittoareotukan. My uncle Lucas was a healer. Te che hi’ibwa. We are eating. In chi’ilita ho’apo ~
vemela ili aso’ola katek. There is a new baby at my aunt’s house.
3. favorite; Hita bwa’amta empo ~ kiale? What is your favorite food? Hita yeewamta empo ~
tu’ure? What’s your favorite sport?
~ chukula adv. much later
~ san tu’i adj., adv. best
~ san tu’i~ ea iv. be (more) enthusiastic
~ tu’i adj. better
~ vatnateka adv. at the very outset, start
~ vatnatekai adv. long ago, once upon a time
~ waitana adv. further on the other side
~ wam vicha conj. furthermore
~ wannavo adv. beyond
~ watiawame n. 1. person who is spoiled (lit. one who is loved more) 2. pet, favorite
ka ~ tu’i adj. worst
cheaneakai interj. wonder of wonders, well as I live and breathe, it’s a miracle you’re here
(expresses surprise at one’s arrival); ~ im weama, I’m surprised to see you here.
cheeki n. check (bank)
chelechele’eti adv. on tiptoe (with weama)
Chepa Mochi Kawi n. Josephine’s Turtle Mountain (name of folksong and character of the song)
chepta tv. jump over (~-, chepchepta)
chepte iv. jump, take a step, hop (chepti-, chepchepte)
aet ~ iv. step on
chepti n. act of stepping
cheptiwame n. step (stairs)
aet ~ n. rung (ladder)
chewasu adv. more
-chi suf. 1. var. of -t, on (resp.); ex. vo’ot wecehk, it fell on the road; vo’ochi, on the road (in resp.
to where?) 2. used with person markers (nechi, echi, achi, itochi, emochi, vempo’im mechi)
chi’i- comb. of che’e, suckle
chi’ichivo n. estafiate, sage, ragweed (Artemisia and Ambrosia spp.)
chewa adv. more (s.; = chea); Ayaman ne seyewailo, naiyoli yo tuku aniwapo, ~ yolemem (s.). Over
there, I, in the flowered, cherished night world, I am more human.
chi’ila n. aunt (mother’s older sister); cf. haaka, mamai, tia
chi’imu n. sty (in eye)
chi’itua tv. nurse (infant, baby animal)
chiachiakte rdp. of chihakte, splash
chiche’a n. slobbering, drooling
chiche’era n. one who always slobbers a lot
chichek iv. be drooling (pst. ~an, chit-)
chichi n. saliva
chichiam n. var. of chichiham
chichiham n. mistletoe (Phorodentron californicum; var. chichiam)
chichikla adj. combed, groomed (sg. a ~, pl. ama ~)
chihakta tv. splash it (chihakti-, chihachihakta); vaa’am ~, splash water
chihakte iv. splash (chihakti-, chiachiakte)
chihakti n. splash
chihaktia tv. cause water to splash from impact
chihchihtame n. masher
chispa n. spark
chihta tv. mashing it (pl. obj.; ~-, chihchihta)
chihtahko adj. slippery, smooth
chihte iv. be mashing (chihti-, chihchihte)
chihti adj. smashed, squashed (pst. ~ritukan)
chihtim n. mashed
chiihu n. indigo
chiinim n. cotton
Chiino n., adj. Chinese
chiiva n. goat
chiivam n. crowbar
chiivu adj. bitter
chiiwe tv. shell corn (chiu-, chichiwe); cf. hichiwe
chiiwi n. turkey (syn. koovo’e)
chike tv. comb one’s own hair (chik-, chitchike); In chi’ila Kentucky Friedpo kateka au chiken. My
aunt was sitting at Kentucky Fried (Chicken) combing her hair (tongue twister).
chikipona tv. tickle one (pst. ~n, chikipon-, chikipopóna)
chikitam n. gum (chewing)
chiklem n. gum (chewing)
chikola adv. around (syn. bwikola)
chikti pn. adv. 1. n. all, each, every, everyone 2. adv. even 3. conj. even though; ~ si’ime wepuali
venasia nau tekipanoane. All will work together as one. ~ ketwo ne kafeta hiva hehe’e. I always
drink coffee in the morning. Si’ime piisam avo toha momoeram ~. Bring all the blankets even the
old ones. Vempo si’imekut noitek Old Tucson ~. They went all over, even to Old Tucson. Apo kaita
aman tohaka huni chikti haivu aman weama. Even though he didn’t take anything over there, he is
already there (at a party).
~ mechapo adv. monthly (var. ~ metpo)
~ semanapo adv. weekly
~ ta’apo adv. daily
~ tukapo adv. nightly
~ wasuktiapo adv. yearly
chiktim pn. each and every
chiktu iv. become disoriented
chiktuachi n. confusing, disorienting, or unfamiliar place (var. chittuachi); Um pueblopo tu’isi ~. In
that town it is very confusing.
chiktula iv. be disoriented, be lost (var. chittula; if one gets lost and wanders off in the desert, a
little group of Surem will come along and guide the lost one back to his home)
chikul n. mouse; Ume ~im váchiata bwabwa’e. Mice eat up seeds.
chikul hu’i n. pincushion cactus (Mammillaria sp.)
chilik n. a bird sp.
chilikoote n. coral tree (the root is used in carving pascola masks because of the light weight of
the cork-like root)
chiminea n. fireplace, chimney
chimta tv. touch, grab; kiss (~-, chimchimta)
chimti adj. touched, grabbed
chin sooka n. yearly cotton
chinchim n. chiggers, bedbugs, scabbies
chinchintia n. thunder (loud); Yukeu si ~n. It was really thundering.
chinota kovak hair (curly, wavy)
chiokoe ptc. in: Dios em ~ utte’esia. Thank you (cf. hiokoe; ~ is a contraction of enchim and ~).
chipta tv. sipping it (~-, chipchipta)
chirikote n. coral bean (Erythrina flabelleformis, a tree growing in Sonoran mountains, formerly
used for masks
chirimia n. oboe
chit- comb. of chichek, drool
chita vétala adj. smooth; Apo uka veáta ~ ~ a tu’utek. He cleaned the skin smooth.
chitahko adj. smooth, slippery
chitochitohte iv. slipping
chitohte iv. slipping (chitohti-, chitochitohte)
chitonia tv. plaster it (~-, chittonia)
chitoniari adj. plastered
chitwatte iv. spitting (chitwatti-, chitwatwatte)
chiva kovam n. goat heads, bullheads (vine with sharp thorns; Tribulus terrestris; syn. toorom,
chiu- comb. of chiiwe, shell corn
chiva’atu n. billy goat
chivehta tv. spread (particulate matter; ~-, chivechivehta)
chivehte iv. spreading particulate matter (chivehti-, chivechivehte)
chivehti adj. spread
chivelai adj. scattered
chivu si’ika n. gall bladder
cho’i n. paloverde tree (Cercidium); cf. vaka’apo
cho’ila tv. lasso
cho’oko adj. 1. salty 2. sour
~ vaso n. salt grass
cho’okote tv. make salty
cho’ola(i) adv. too high (garment, building; with katek)
choa n. cholla cactus (Opuntia sp.)
~ hipo’im n. Holy Thursday drink made from cholla
choachoakte iv. be sticky, gooey
choali n. lamb’s quarters (syn. kapa)
choam n. crown of head
choawe n. caracara (hawk sp.)
chochona tv. hit one (~-, no rdp.)
choi n. var. of cho’i
choiti adv. in a flash
chokaroa tv. crash
choki n. 1. star (can be a nickname for children so that envious spirits can’t take the child’s
identity by learning the child’s real name) 2. badge
Choki Araum n. the Big Dipper
~ hiisa n. comet (it is believed that a comet is the sign of bad things such as war)
~ Lo’i n. Lame Star (a Matachin dance tune)
~ tachiria n. starlight
chokinai adj. wrinkled
~k puhvaka a vitchu iv. scowl, frown
chokinakta tv. crumble, smash (~-, chokinakinakta)
chokinakte iv. get wrinkled
Coho Lo’i n. a dance tune
chokolaate n. chocolate
cholapelai adj. flabby
cholloi n. woodpecker
chom watte iv. blow nose (chom watti-)
chomim n. anus
chon weche iv. get bald
chona tv. punch (pst. ~n, chon-, chochona)
chone’ela adj. having a full head of long hair
chonekame n. one who has a choni (hair fetish)
choni n. hair fetish
~ kottila n. split ends (hair; syn. sea choni)
chonim vutta tv. let down one’s hair
chookinai adj. wrinkled
choomek iv. have mucus
choomim n. phlegm
choonek iv. have head hair
choomo n. headdress, helmet mask used by the Chapayekas of the Fariseo Society (traditionally
white, with black and red designs)
choonim n. 1. head hair 2. scalp fetish
choora adj. tall, skinny
choori adj. wrinkled
choorim n. men’s underwear
choowe iv. drying up, get skinny (old age); wither, wilt (plants) (chou-, chochowe)
choparao n. raccoon (in older times, there was a Raccoon dance, as well as Deer, Coyote, and
Nahi Water Fly)
chopo’oria adj. hilly (pst. ~tukan)
chopoi n. hill
choppoi adj. rough, uneven (terrain, surface)
choriiso n. sausage
chotcho’okoe iv. get salty (~-; only pst. and fut. usual)
chou- comb. of choowe, dry up
chove n. 1. buttocks 2. rear end (of automobile)
~po elesikile exp. it is going to rain (lit. there is itching in the ass)
chovikukta tv. bend, twist, crush, smash
chowia iv. dried up, withered (~-, chochowia)
chu n. comb. of chuu’u, dog
~ chae iv. bark (syn. voe, haiti chae)
~ ete n. flea
~ hamut n. bitch
chu’á- comb. of chuu’a, get stuck
chu’akta tv. glue it, paste it (~-, chu’achu’akta)
sisiwokta nau ~ tv. weld
chu’akte iv. glued, pasted, attached (chu’akti-, chu’achu’akte)
chu’aktila adj. glued together; nat ~, iv. be stuck together
chu’ala adj. stuck (in mud; pst. ~tukan)
chu’ukam n. gum (tree), resin, pitch
chuchupame in: yee ~, n. ambitious person
chuchupe in: yeu ~, iv. develope, manifest, grow out of
chukta tv. cut with knife or saw (~-, chukchukta); wakasta ~, carve meat
chukatam n. black sap that seeps from mesquite trees (good for harp strings)
chukte iv. be cutting with a knife or saw (chukti-, chukchukte)
chukti adj. cut
chuktia n. cut
chukui adj. black (aff. chukuli, var. chukuri; pl. chuchukui)
~ húvahe n. black widow (spider)
~ kuta n. overgrown shrub with reddish brown wood; wood used for raspers for Deer Dance
~ teta n. magnetic stone (magnetic rock with powers; may be given to a person to keep the
recipient in control)
~ vachi n. black corn
chukula adv. later
aet ~ adv. afterwards
chukuli adj. black (aff., var. chukui)
ama vutti ~ adj. swarthy
~ Poutela n. Little Black Cowbird (Deer song)
chukuri adj. black (var. chukui)
chumim n. vagina
chumte iv. 1. stuff one’s self 2. hog food, not share food
chumti(a) 1. adj. rapid, fast, quickly (var. chumchumti is more formal; applied to water and
animates; cf. uttea) 2. interj. hurry up, let’s go; Hose ~ nooka. John talks fast. U o’ou ~ weye. The
man walks fast. A: Haiavu te katvae. B: Tu’i ma. A: ~! A: We still want to go. B: Okay, that’s good.
A: Come on, let’s go.
~ hiavihte iv. pant, breathe hard
~ hita hohowa’apo n. factory
chumumutea adj. nervous
chumuria n. notch of an arrow
chuna huya n. fig tree
chunahkam n. mesquite flower; U ~ si tu’i hittoa ume riptiam vetchi’ivo. Mesquite flower is very
medicinal for pinkeye.
chunula adv. kneeling, on one’s knees (upright, with calves against buttocks; cf. tonom)
~ katek iv. be squatting
chupa tv. 1. finish, complete 2. fulfill a vow 3. get married 4. create (chupá’a-, chuchupa); cf. ansu,
yak; Huchi echat in ou asoa chupvae. My son is getting married next month.
chupa’awame in: yee ~, n. ambition
chupawame n. completed
nau ~ n. couple
chupe iv. 1. get completed, finished 2. get married 3. become ripe (pst. chupuk, chup-, chuchupe)
chupi’iseka adv. coming into completion (with weye, ansime); Ini veá haivu ~ weye/ansime. This
skin is already coming to completion.
chupia iv., n. 1. iv. be complete (~-, chuchupia) 2. n. completed thing; Empo ka ~wa? Haven’t they
married you off yet.?
chupiari n. 1. creature, completed one 2. unnatural, monstrous animal or person 3. gigantic snake
or other giant animal living in caves outside physical reality that eventually outgrows its cave and
must go to the sea to live, of human or animal in origin, usually destructive or frightening; it is
accompanied by strong winds when it travels (see Suawaka); Ume Surem vo’ota pattak u ~ta ka
aman kivake vetchi’ivo. The Surem blocked the road so the serpent could not enter.
chupiarim n. couple (married, dating)
chupuiwaim n. little pains in joints
chupuk pst. of chupe, finished
chutiam n. wood chips
chuu’a iv. get stuck (chu’á-, chuchu’a)
chuu’u n. dog (comb. chu); ~ aso’ola n. puppy
chuuna n. cultivated fig (Ficus carica)
chuune tv. suck (chuun-, chuchune)
luuseta ~, suck on candy
chuutiam n. wood chips, cloth scraps
chuuva adv. for a while
~ vovicha, wait for a while
chuuyu iv. bloated, fat (~-, chuchuyu); Apo unna hi’ibwasu ~k. He ate too much and has heartburn.
chuvahko n. hurricane, strong wind storm
chuvala adv. momentarily; ~ ne vovicha. Wait a minute for me. ~ vetchi’ivo poke te yumhoivae.
Because we want to rest a while.
~ koche, nap/doze off
~ vetchi’ivo, for a while, for a moment;chuvahko n. strong wind (syn. bwe’u heeka)
chuvalatuko adv. in a while
chuvva adv. for a moment
yuin ~ adv. in a little while longer
chuvvatuko adv. in a little while
chuyula adj. bloated (pst. ~tukan, fut. chuyune)