• Billing / Collections Unit

    Billing / Collections Unit

    The Health Department Billing/Collections Unit bills State Medicaid and Private Insurances for Behavioral Health Services, Dental, Transportation, ALTCS, Pharmacy, Residential Treatment Programs and Specialty Medical Services.

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  • DT Lab Services

    DT Lab Services

    Since July 2001, the Drug Testing (DT) Lab has offered services for tribal community members of any age. By offering quick and accurate testing to determine if an individual has used certain drugs, the DT team is able to help address potential problems.

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  • Environmental Protection Agency

    Environmental Protection Agency

    The Pascua Yaqui Tribe Environmental Health Program is aiming for success. The Environmental Protection Agency Program's goal is to reduce environmental harm to tribal members, land waste, air, and water.

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  • Health Budget Office

    Health Budget Office

    The Health Budget Office is the centralized area within the Health Department to which all requests that involve an expense are submitted. Effective 10/1/17 Health Programs must submit requests via E-Req on-line. This is all very recent and we are all getting adjusted to this new change.

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  • Hiapsi Kuakte

    Hiapsi Kuakte

    Changing the culture of violence in our homes, streets, and country through groups, individual sessions, workshops, and training.

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  • Injury Prevention

    Injury Prevention

    The Injury Prevention Program's goal is to reduce harm, disabilities, and deaths due to unintentional injuries and violence, as well as to provide other trainings regarding education to Tribal community members.

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  • Public Health Accreditation

    Public Health Accreditation

    The Public Health Accreditation Board owes special gratitude to the tribal departments and key stakeholders who participated in numerous work sessions and meetings in order to create this Community Health Assessment (CHA). The completion of this CHA was due, in large measure, to the contributions of numerous individuals who gave their time, skill, support, knowledge and expertise.

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  • Public Health Emergency Preparedness

    Public Health Emergency Preparedness

    The goal of the Public Health Emergency Preparedness Program is to provide trainings regarding emergency preparedness and awareness for Tribal health staff, other tribal staff, and tribal community members. Referrals are accepted from other Tribal Programs.

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  • Transportation Guadalupe

    Transportation Guadalupe

    Our goal is to work together as a team and provide the best Non-Emergency Health Transportation to all Pascua Yaqui Tribal Members around the valley.

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  • Transportation Tucson

    Transportation Tucson

    The Pascua Yaqui Transportation Program provides medically related, non-emergency transportation to members (their non- Yaqui spouses and dependant children) of the Pascua Yaqui communities in Pima, Marana, and Maricopa Counties. Patients are transported to medical and health care provider sites only.

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