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    About Pascua Yaqui Health Services Division

    The PYHSD mission is to promote the highest possible standard for health and well-being within its communities. The PYHSD carries out this mission by managing over $30 million from federal, state, tribal, and private funds. As an Indian Self-Determination Act (ISDA) contract tribe, it negotiates two separate Annual Funding Agreements, one with Indian Health Service (IHS) Phoenix Area for member in Maricopa County, and the second with the Tucson Area.

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  • Alternative Medicine Program

    Alternative Medicine

    Alternative Medicine Program

    The Alternative Medicine Clinic provides services to the Pascua Yaqui Tribal Community by offering Naturopathic and Chiropractic care. Our intent is to support well-being and longevity by helping one achieve and maintain control of their health.

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  • Boys and Girls Club

    Boys and Girls Club

    The mission of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Tucson is to provide young people in Tucson, especially those who need us most, with a clear path to reach their full potential and pursue their dreams.

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  • Centered Spirit (Behavioral Health)

    Centered Spirit

    The Centered Spirit Program is part of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe (PYT) Health Division; services are open to enrolled Pascua Yaqui members and their immediate family in the Tucson and Guadalupe areas.

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  • Community Health Nursing (CHN)

    Community Health Nursing

    Community Health Nursing (CHN) Services

    Here is a guide to help Yoeme Health Program Members during normal business hours, after hours, and weekends to ensure you receive the health care you need anytime of the day for pharmacy and medical concerns.

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  • DaVita Dialysis Clinic

    DaVita Dialysis Clinic

    DaVita Dialysis Center is located in the Hiak Hitevi Kari Building (Westside). The dialysis is operated by the Davita Corporation under contract with the Tribe. DaVita Dialysis Center provides ESRD (End Stage Renal Disease) services to patients with kidney failure.

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  • Dental Center

    Dental Center

    The Dental Center provides services to eligible tribal members or dependent children up to age 19. Patients must complete AHCCCS/Alternate Resource screening before each annual visit. Private insurance may be used first (e.g., MetLife, Cigna, Delta, AHCCCS).

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  • Diabetes Program


    The Diabetes Prevention and Treatment Program

    The Diabetes Prevention and Treatment Program (DPTP), funded under the Special Diabetes Program for Indians by the Indian Health Service since 1998, aims to reduce the prevalence of diabetes for the PYT and reduce complications of uncontrolled diabetes among community members. The program provides a broad range of preventative services including health education, health promotion, care coordination, nutrition counseling, community screening, and outreach activities.

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  • Employee Wellness

    Hitevi Kari - Employee Wellness

    The Diabetes Prevention and Treatment Program (DPTP) offers a twelve week employee wellness program to help employees stay healthy and well and make healthy lifestyle changes. Sessions are offered a number of times throughout the year.

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  • Fitness Room


    Pascua Yaqui Fitness Room

    The Fitness Room offers exercise equipment for registered members to use. Trained staff will show you what to do at your own pace. They also offer personalized assessment, support and training.

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  • Wellness Center


    Wellness Center

    Physical activity and personal fitness is promoted through the PYT Wellness Center to encourage individuals and families to stay within a healthy weight range and reduce the risk for diabetes. Several programs target children and youth including after-school programs.

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  • Youth Wellness Program

    Youth Wellness Program

    Youth Wellness Program at PYT Wellness Center
    The Wellness Center provides a variety of opportunities to our youth to be active, healthy, and engaged in fun activities geared towards youth. Through partnerships with several tribal programs include Sewa U’usim, Centered Spirit, Hiaki High School, Boys and Girls Club and other youth groups.

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  • El Rio Pascua Clinic

    El Rio Pascua Clinic

    The El Rio Pascua Clinic provides outpatient medical services on the reservation to community members. Services are cost- free if you are enrolled in the Yoeme Health Program or the state AHCCCS program.

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  • El Rio Pascua Pharmacy

    El Rio Pascua Pharmacy

    ATTENTION PHARMACY PATIENTS!!! Would you like to decrease your wait time for your prescriptions? We want to help!

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  • HIV/AIDS Prevention Program

    HIV/AIDS Prevention Program

    Itom Takaa Te Nake
    HIV, STI, and Hepatitis C prevention provides confidential, educational services to tribal community members in order to prevent transmission, enhance risk reduction, and increase individual knowledge. The program accomplishes this by dispensing condoms, female condoms, and dams and lubricants; by coordinating care, and by escorting/transporting members to medical appointments. The program also provides home visits, medication management and ongoing monitoring in home.
    Free HIV/HCV Screening available at the Community Health Nursing Annex.

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  • Specialty Clinics

    Speciality Clinics

    Specialty Clinics

    Service Provided by Pascua Specialty Clinic are based on Referrals. Appointments Available by referral to tribal members only. No walk-ins Available. Provided by your Primary Care Physician.

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  • Traditional Healing

    Traditional Healing

    In 1997 the Tribal Council formally approved the integration of the Traditional Healing Program within the Tribal government structure. This is followed by years of community and tribal health department personnel advocating for this program.

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  • Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program

    Women, Infants, and Children (WIC) Program

    WIC is a Special Supplemental Food Nutrition program for families with pregnant women, new mothers, and children under the age of five. WIC provides nutrition education, breastfeeding counseling, health referrals, resource education and healthy food to keep pregnant, breastfeeding, post-partum women, infants and children under five healthy and strong.

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For Emergencies: Dial 911
During Business Hours:
To reach the Health Services Division main line
please use the temporary phone number 520-879-6198
until further notice.

After Business Hours Call:
The HELP-LINE is not for emergency calls;
it is an answering service to provide information.

PYTHSD Leadership Team

Reuben Howard - Executive Director
Shanna Tautolo - Interim Associate Director
Adalberto Renteria, MD - Medical Director
Alva Obregon - Management Assistant