Traditional Healing


Pascua Yaqui Tribe - Health Department

DOLORES A. FLORES - Hiak Hitevi Center Traditional Healing Program

Tucson: 7490 S. Camino De Oeste, Tucson AZ, 85757
Front desk: (520) 879-6129 or (520) 879-6206
Guadalupe: 9405 S. Avenida Del Yaqui, Guadalupe, AZ 85283
Front desk: (480) 768-2000 or (480) 768-2062


In 1997 the Tribal Council formally approved the integration of the Traditional Healing Program within the Tribal government structure. This is followed by years of community and tribal health department personnel advocating for this program. The Traditional Healing program was developed to redress the health status of the Yoeme people. Secondly, the program was developed to promote traditional knowledge for future generations of Yoeme people. Many Tribal members had very little knowledge or experience about the healing powers of Traditional Healing.

The program was accepted and embraced by various Yoeme communities, which has been reflected in the high numbers of patients coming to the Program. The Tribal Council provided additional funding to support the Traditional Healing Exchange Program. The Exchange Program consist of bringing other traditional healers, Hitevi(s) from Yoeme Pueblos located in Sonora, Mexico on a monthly basis.


To promote Traditional Healing of the Mind, Body & Spirit through entrustment of the Divine Creator and adhering to the Universal Laws of Healing.


Defined by a practice that is inherently holistic in nature where nothing is compartmentalized or isolated; there is a relationship that develops or exits between client and healer based on trust and faith in the cultural and spiritual values of traditional healing.


The Traditional healing program does not imitate the medical setting of clinical policies, procedures and practices. There is very little documentation on the patients visit. No chart is maintained other than the Hitevi’s notes. Because THP is within the Health Program structure, HIPPA compliant forms are signed at the time a patient is seen at our medical and dental clinics. Therefore, the THP does not impose the requirements at intake.

Language interpreters are available when requested during clinical hours. There is no fee for services rendered and the healer may see the patient /client at the program or outside the program. Traditional healer’s utmost concern is to ensure the privacy and confidentiality of the patient. The practice is based in keeping with cultural values and similar to other complementary and alternative healing practices, on the relationship that develops between healer and individual. Communication defines this relationship and is a means of diagnosis. Patient/client will describe the symptoms and concerns with the healer or share the diagnosis given by other providers. The types of services or therapies provided by the traditional healing program include physical examination, deep tissue massage, stress massage, spiritual or emotional consultations, counseling, smudging, cleansing, and other traditional healing rituals.


  1. Enrolled PYT member or Employed by PYT Gov.-Casinos.
  2. Spouse (Heterosexual or Same-sex marriage) to an enrolled member or employee.
  3. Child (18 and under) of an enrolled member or employee.
  4. Widow(er) of a Pascua Yaqui Tribal Member.
  5. Common Law Partner (Heterosexual or Same-Sex partnership) of an enrolled member or employee.
  6. Cultural Participant of PYT.

9 AM – 4:30 PM
12:00 – 1:00 Closed for Lunch
TUCSON; 7490 S. Camino De Oeste
January through November (December closed)
GUADALUPE; 9405 S. Avenida Del Yaqui
(Quarterly) January – April – July – October


Aaron Amarillas Buitimea

Has many years of experience massaging victims of injuries and accidents and working the musculoskeletal system and all attachments to joints and skeletal.

Massager of the musculoskeletal and tendon, nervous system, pain created through injury or illness. Also spiritual cleansing, spiritual counseling and digestion, etc.

Andres Velazquez Nuncio

Started as an athletic massager at baseball games in Sonora. He cared for the injured baseball players. Massager of the musculoskeletal, muscles, tendon nerves system and stress related pain.

Also works on childhood illnesses, digestion, massaging the musculoskeletal, stress, tendon, nervous system, spiritual blessings, spiritual counseling, a light herbalist and dream interpreter, etc.

Faustina Buitimea Gotobapicio

Worked as an interpreter for Healer Maria Matus of Sonora, a well-known Healer. She learned Herbal medicines while working with Maria Matus for many years.

Herbalist, massage for stress, digestion, infertility, diabetes, hypertension, female illnesses and spiritual cleansing, etc.

Fidencio Matus Lugo

Began at 8 years old, healing injured animals first and later began massaging and healing people in Sonora. As a child he was known as “Nino Fidencio”. Healing the skeletalmuscular, tendons and nerves through massaging and herbs.

Massager of the musculoskeletal, tendons, nerves and stress. Digestion, infertility, head/nose/ears/throat, spiritual counseling, spiritual cleansing and a light herbalist, etc.

Josefina Jecari Cupiz and Juana Flores Jecari

Healers in the family passed down the knowledge of the herbal world of medicines and Josefina learned the herbal medicines from family healers. She started the healing works and tended to family only.

Herbalist healing digestion, head/nose/ears/throat, fevers, infections, diabetes, skin disorders, hypertension, infertility, bladder, and spiritual cleansing, etc.

Lucia Hernandez Espinoza

Started as a child receiving dreams. Her family knew she would be a Healer, and she performed healing works in Sonora.

Light massager for stress, herbalist, digestion, diabetes, bladder, dream interpreter, and spiritual cleansing, etc.

Miriam Guillermina Garcia Alvarez

Started as an apprentice under the direction of Faustina Buitimea Gotobapicio, and assisted Faustina with clientele care.

Light herbalist and massage for stress, digestion, hypertension, diabetes, bladder, infertility, head/nose/ears and spiritual cleansing, etc.

Sandra Aristea Flores Valenzuela

Began Healing works at age 8, family escorted her as she healed people with herbs and assisted mothers on maternity.

Herbalist and midwife, digestion, diabetes, bladder, head/nose/ears, skin disorders, infertility, infants, childhood illnesses, female disorders, massages for stress, and spiritual cleansing, etc.

Silvia Zavala Garcia

Started as an apprentice under the direction of Tiofila Mendoza Molina and assisted Tiofila with clientele care.

Light herbalist and massage for stress, digestion, bladder, head/nose/ears/throat, hypertension, infertility, childhood illnesses, infants and spiritual cleansing, etc.

Tiofila Mendoza Molina

Raised in a home of Healers, learned as a child the herbs and healing properties, assisted in the healing process using herbs on cliental.

Herbalist; healing digestion, fevers & infection, infertility, skin disorders, head/ears/nose/throat, childhood illnesses, infants, women and male disorders, diabetes, hypertension and spiritual cleansing, etc