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Community Health Nursing – Tucson

My Rights

What Rights do I have when I am in the program?
  • Receive this notification before the initiation of care and you agree to treatment by signing the Informed Consent to Treatment.
  • Be treated with dignity, consideration and respect by trained staff with appropriate and professional quality series regardless of age, gender, social/sexual preferences, cultural orientation and psychological, physical and spiritual factors.
  • Be involved in all aspects of your care and discuss with your provider any information concerning diagnosis, treatment or prognosis on an ongoing basis.
  • Be given the necessary information to give informed consent for your treatment and anticipated changes in your care.
  • Refuse treatment and be informed of the consequences of refusing treatment.
  • Voice grievances regarding care or lack of respect for property without regulation.
  • Not be subjected to physical abuse including sexual and physical punishment, or psychological abuse including humiliating, threatening and exploiting actions.
  • Be advised, in advance, of the staff that will provide care and the proposed frequency of visits or appointments.
  • Receive help contacting guardians, self-help groups, advocacy service requests and other providers; understand what to do, who to call or where to go in case of a crisis.
  • Exercise your right and the right of your family or your guardian may exercise your right, if you are underage or have been deemed incompetent in regards to your health care needs.
What responsibilities do I have?


  • Participate actively in your program, care and treatment.
  • Be honest, open and willing to work with providers.
  • Work with your provider in the development of your plan of care.
  • DO NOT bring alcohol or illegal drugs of any kind to any Pascua Yaqui Health Program location and refrain from use before or during any home visit. If you appear intoxicated or under the influence of recreational drugs, we have the right to refuse any or all services.
  • Do NOT bring weapons of any kind to any Pascua Yaqui Health Program location and to keep them secured and out of proximity of the health care provider during home visits.
  • Notify the Pascua Yaqui Health Program within 24 hours if you are going to be late or must cancel an appointment or home visit.
  • Maintain confidentiality of other clients.
  • Encourage family members to participate in your care and treatment as appropriate.
  • Accept Responsibility for your behaviour choices and treat staff with respect and consideration.sing Sup