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Community Health Nursing – Tucson


Our Community Health Nursing (CHN) staff are licensed by the State of Arizona. Our Community Health Representatives (CHR) are trained and experienced professional health care workers supervised by our licensed nursing staff.

Adult Team

Specializes in providing nursing support to adult patients and provide services that include home visits, medication assistance, escorts, prevention management and education. It also includes coordination with other Tribal Departments such as: Housing, Facilities and Social Services.

  • Natalia Kinport, LPN
  • Kristen Melendez, RN
  • Leanne Fox, LPN
  • Monica Adames, MA
  • Terri Garcia, LPN
  • Joseph Soto, MA

Cancer Team

The cancer team provides care to cancer patients who need assistance with specialized healthcare, chemotherapy and radiation. In addition, they provide help with cancer screenings, and information about cancer diagnosis. Their attention focuses on home visits, medication assistance, escorts, prevention management and education. As part of this program, we have created a Cancer Support Group that meets monthly for cancer survivors, family member survivors and cancer patients.

  • Barbara Albright, RN
  • Alyssa Baker, MA

Dialysis Team

Nursing Support is provided to dialysis, kidney transplant and diabetic patients. This team’s focus includes home visits, medication assistance, escorts, prevention management and education.

  • Ashley Ruiz, LPN
  • Melissa Felix, LPN
  • Natalia Duran, License Nurse Assistant
  • Angelina Buenamea, License Nurse Assistant

Discharge Team

We have a dedicated discharge team that can help with any discharge need from the hospital or facility (Skilled Nursing Facility, Assisted Living, Rehab). We assist with identifying and accessing other medical services that may be needed for the individual to be discharged from the hospital/facility safely. We work side by side with the facility to ensure direct nursing services are not compromised.

Our staff travel out to the community to perform discharge planning, home visits, consultation with medical providers and coordination with other programs. We also assist with medical referral from your doctor.

  • Kristen Kuti-George, RN
  • Irasema Rodriguez, MA

Maternal/Child Team

We provide services to pregnant and post-partum women also children from newborn to 18 years of age. Assisting with well women visits, we ensure every woman’s health care needs are being met. Assisting the children, we work with the doctor and parents/guardians to help with the child’s health care needs. In addition, we work with the Tribal WIC program to make sure every child has access to our program.

We also have an asthma program that provides education to parents/guardians, on how to manage/reduce asthma attacks. We provide home visits, case management and coordination of care with your doctor.

  • Aida Federico, RN
  • Almarosa Valencia, LPN